Years ago, in the early stages of a budding relationship, my friend took me for a drive to the scenic San Fernando hills, and while there, he confessed to me that “sometimes in business, he felt like a fraud”. He had his own company, which was doing well, plus he worked what I would call a part time job so I couldn’t understand what he meant when he said he was doing all this work and he just felt like it was all for nothing. He saw great potential in me and said “You won’t get it now, but when you have your own business, you will understand.”

Fast forward a few years, we both have moved in separate directions but his words still stay with me to this day. After working in advertising and marketing for over thirteen years being responsible for the successful campaigns and creating millions of dollars in revenue for global brands…….I confess that sometimes…….every now and then I feel like a fraud.

It’s weird though, because I know I am fantastic as what I do. I remember being a young girl and while others wanted to be doctors, lawyers and police officers, I was the rebel who wanted to be in advertising. To me there was something magical about putting creative things out there for the world to see and the whole idea of capturing the attention of the masses was appealing to me.

It’s like second nature to me. Just from listening to a client I instantly know exactly what medium they should use, what marketing tactics would work best to reach their customers and how they can use the resources they already have to increase their visibility and sell their products. I have a unique combination of gifts that others will give their right arm for: creative thinking, excellent copy writing skills and a unique ability to understand the market and potential customers.

People tell me all the time how great I am, or how I helped them gain more clarity to move forward or how, because of me, they were able to increase their sales. One client actually told me she took classes, did courses and had paid consultations but one conversation with me not only helped her understand what she needs to do in her business but I actually gave her the confidence to believe that she could actually do it with my help.


So what the hell is it with these ‘feelings’????

So after some research, I suffer from what commonly referred to as Impostor Syndrome

In case you didn’t know the Wikipedia description of imposter syndrome is: Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, fraudsyndrome or the impostor experience) is a concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.


Weird right?????

But after talking to a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s very common (sigh of relief…..I thought I was going crazy for a moment there)

The problem is, that for some business owners, this is very real and can be crippling because they hamper the progress of their own business. They don’t put themselves out there and it keeps them from making sales

Our brains are such tricksters sometimes……..making us think and feel things that aren’t true. The thing is, once you are aware, you can start thinking logically and actively keep these emotions at bay.

This is an excerpt taken directly from Fast Company, and I encourage you to read up as much as you can on the topic if this affects you

Valerie Young, an expert on the subject has categorized this phenomenon into subgroups:


Perfectionism and impostor syndrome often go hand-in-hand. Think about it: Perfectionists set excessively high goals for themselves, and when they fail to reach a goal, they experience major self-doubt and worry about measuring up.


Since people who experience this phenomenon are convinced they’re phonies among real-deal colleagues, they often push themselves to work harder and harder to measure up. But this is just a false cover-up for their insecurities, and the work overload may harm not only their own mental health, but also their relationships with others.


People who struggle with this, who are also natural “geniuses,” judge success based on their abilities as opposed to their efforts. In other words, if they have to work hard at something, they assume they must be bad at it.

These types of impostors set their internal bar impossibly high, just like perfectionists. But natural genius types don’t just judge themselves based on ridiculous expectations, they also judge themselves based on getting things right on the first try. When they’re not able to do something quickly or fluently, their alarm sounds.


Sufferers who feel as though asking for help reveals their phoniness are what Young calls rugged individualists. It’s okay to be independent, but not to the extent that you refuse assistance so that you can prove your worth.


People who fall into this competence type may feel like they somehow tricked their employer into hiring them. They deeply fear being exposed as inexperienced or unknowledgeable.


If this is you, I want you to stop it right now!

You are absolutely fabulous at what you do and the world needs you!

Don’t allow thoughts and feelings keep you from living your dream and infecting the humanity with your genius.

People like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey live their purpose every day …..and make loads of money for it. Even the late great Michael Jackson answered his calling and the music he created lives on even after his death (not to mention the royalties that still continue to support his family)


It’s just that simple……… just need to put yourself out there

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