Wouldn’t it be awesome if life were perfect?

You get up and your day unfolds as perfectly as you dreamed, and life just flows in a perfectly perfect way. It’s the stuff fairly tales are made of actually.

Even in business, how perfectly perfect it would be to launch, promote, sell and become a millionaire over night??? That would be perfect.

Just Perfect!

Allow me to burst your bubble……being perfect is unattainable!

You will NEVER have absolute perfection in your life……..but what you can do is have a life that’s PERFECT for you.

Let me explain


Too many entrepreneurs get what I call ‘stuck in strategy’ where they spend so much time taking notes, learning and putting things in place, without actually doing anything. This is because they’re waiting for everything to be just right, but sadly it never happens so they end up in cycle of preparation for the ‘big thing’ that will just never happen.

The way I see it……..and correct me if I’m wrong…….waiting for everything to be perfect is a defense mechanism to keep you from making a mistake that you think my ruin you or knock you off course. The fact is, making mistakes is a part of the marketing process and there’s a huge difference between failing and being a failure

You’re learning what works for business and the sooner we realize what DOES NOT work we can find what DOES!!
As a marketer and entrepreneur you must go through the motions and not let it get you down or stressed out, but see it as an opportunity to grow.

Failing is actually a form of winning!!!
Get out there and win!!!!!

Another reason you may be hanging on to the illusion of perfection because you think people might not accept you as you are so you try in vain to get to that point where you think people will like you and will buy from you.


There are people out there who will not like or accept what you do, no matter how great it is. I’ve found that particularly on social media, people tend to be a bit more vocal, mainly because they’re hiding behind a computer so they give themselves the liberty of being disgusting, and while no one wants to be on the receiving end of a troll with nothing to do with their lives the fact remains is

  • These people are not your ideal customer anyways so I really shouldn’t matter to you. You can just delete and block them
  • The more famous you are, the more haters you will have…just look at the Kardashians


It’s true that the ‘P’ in perfection stands for poison because the more you think about it, is the more you are literally poisoning yourself and your business…….so the money just can’t find its way to you

But all it not lost. Perfection may not exist, but here’s how you can make your business life perfect for you

  • Have a goal and a strategy in place. At the end of the day, we all need to work towards something and have the steps to get there. Now I am not saying to over plan but do have a long term destination and take the steps one at a time to get there. Think of it like you’re going on vacation. You’ve packed, filled the car up and have your map ready, at some point you will have to drive the car to your destination right? And while you may make a few pit stops or get lost along the way, you are clear on where you need to get to.
  • Get into action as quickly as possible. I spoke about this briefly above, where I mentioned you must know what doesn’t work in order to find out what does. Start promoting yourself using various forms of advertising that your target is engaged in. Social media is great (once used correctly) but where are your ideal clients and how do you get them to notice you? Do you need to physically get in front of them or do you need to find innovative ways to connect with them via other forms of advertising?
  • Make the necessary changes as they come along. Don’t get down on yourself if something does not go the way you wanted. Life happens so pick yourself up and try again. Don’t be so committed to your ways that you close yourself off from a solution that’s staring you right in the face. Remember the road map we talked about above? You won’t give up if you make a wrong turn and end up lost. You will review your map and ask someone for directions to get you back on track


So here’s the thing, if you HAVE taken a wrong turn in business, I’m happy to say your friendly neighborhood marketer can tell you exactly what to do to turn things around. You know me…….I am here to help you get out there because I totally understand that underlying fear that you guys are dealing with.

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