How many times have you been told that you need to find your ‘ideal client’? Or maybe you’ve heard the term ‘target audience’ being thrown at you over and over again?

It’s drilled into your head that these are the people who’ll turn your business into a multi million dollar empire but somehow they remain illusive and you’re constantly pulling your hair out because YOU. JUST. CAN’T. FIND. THEM!!!

……….or maybe they’re the ones that  just can’t find you?


 Which brings me to the major money mistake you’re consistently making (and I’m almost positive you’ve heard it before)……You’re not showing up!!

It’s not that your ideal customers don’t exist, it’s that they don’t know YOU exist. Sad thing is…..they want to; they’re desperately searching but because you’ve not been showing up, they can’t find you.


You’re playing ‘hide-n-seek’ with your money, honey!


Now you might be saying “Carli, I post a lot of social media so I am showing up!!”

Ok….. but unless you’re doing something to bring new people into your orbit then you’re showing up to the same, tired, ‘don’t want to buy from you’ people who’ve already told you that they’re not interested in what you offer, so you’ve got to let them go and let the right people into your space. 


As a Publicist, one of the things I absolutely love is helping brand owners like you show up in a way that gets them seen, heard and ultimately paid by their ideal client. I cannot tell you how many person’s I’ve served who, after just one interview, have seen their engagement on social media shoot up 100% within minutes and are booked solid within hours. It’s because I’ve allowed them to shine in such a way that their ideal client is instantly drawn to them.

Making that extra $10k, $20k or $30k in your business is possible…..and it comes down to just one simple act of just showing up. It’s literally that easy. Getting started is even easier, just click here to book your free one on one.