Imagine being among the best in your field.

Someone with multiple years of experience who always adds value. But with every new opportunity, you seem to have to prove yourself.

You’re constantly in a position of having to negotiate your pricing or you have to compete with others for business.

It must be a little annoying having to “start from the bottom” and re-introduce yourself each time you step into a new space.

You’re at the stage in your career where your reputation needs to start speaking for you and bringing you opportunities, but how do you fix it?

Increase your Visibility with Publicity

The truth is, we only get paid for visible work. As much as you have acquired experience and bring value to the table, if you’re not building a public reputation and getting your message out through media, your reach, impact and client acquisition will be limited. It’s time to change that by making publicity a core part of your marketing strategy.

Jamila Bannister
Brand & Marketing Strategist
Marlena Cole
Leadership Coach
Dana Hayes Burke
Global Business Strategist & Business Coach
Debbie Ann Jollie
Marketing Consultant
Jarrod Best-Mitchell
Sales & LinkedIn Guru

Maybe you’ve always thought that media coverage and publicity was out of reach for you, because in your mind, your story is boring, and no one would care anyway. Spoiler alert….that’s not true! Everyone has a story, and I will help you craft and pitch yours to have media outlets lining up to feature you on their channels!

As a business owner, putting in the work to attract new clients can become exhausting if you don’t know how to scale your effort and amplify your message. At Carli Communications, we have created a tried-and-true process for helping you get the media coverage you need to get your brand out there. When you enrol in “Dare to be Seen” you will no longer be running in the rat race for opportunities, you will have a clear voice in the market to attract the ideal opportunities for you.