Shout-out to all the mompreneurs out there!!

If you know me, you know I’m a mother of two with my children being born a full eighteen years apart. Yes…..this is the life I chose (not sure why).

Now I’m not complaining……I’m actually celebrating because I truly believe the skills of motherhood helps make the journey of entrepreneurship much easier. 

Skills like: 

Multi-Tasking: Name a better multitasker than a mother with multiple children, especially if they’re all under ten. You’re juggling things to perfection which ultimately translates to your business, your clients and the multitude of things you have to get done. 

Flexibility: As a mother, you have to be flexible because no matter how well you plan your day, these little ones always find a way to throw a curve-ball. A project they forgot to do, homework that’s even too hard for you, let alone them but you have to try to figure it out…….and you do figure it out! In life and in business, no matter what crazy client comes your way your toddler has made you well equipped to handle it. #BringItOn

Patience: I don’t think I need to say much here…..we moms get it. Patience is needed in every aspect of life: when we’re dealing with our kids or with a client. 

I’m pretty sure if you think about it there are even more skills that you possess that make you not just a Super-Mom but a Super CEO. Take some time to reflect on this so you can see things just a bit differently.

Here are some additional things you probably didn’t realize:

  • Having your own business makes your hours totally flexible. No more sitting for hours in traffic just to arrive at a space you loathe; you can now organize your work time and personal time
  • You can adjust your income based on the needs of your family. The money you make is dependent on you………need a boost of cash, you can make it happen.
  • You’re a better parent because you’re an entrepreneur because being an entrepreneur means being on a non-stop personal development journey. You’re always looking to better yourself and that translate well to both business and personal.
  • You’re better parent because you’re happier. You get to do what you love everyday and trust me when I say that peace translates into you a happier home.
  • Having children forced you to be more efficient. You’re forced to put systems in place and ask for the help you need so you can manage your time better.

I must say that having children motivated me and I’m sure it’s the same for you. When you have kids, the motivation to get things done as an entrepreneur is built in. You know you have things to do, unexpected expenses and most of all, you have these little eyes looking up to you so you want to make them proud.

You see… and babies do go together.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!