Pitch Perfect

Tired of your pitch going unnoticed? Be Pitch Perfect!

Feel as if you’ve got such great things to talk about but no one’s paying attention?

I get it!

You’ve been dedicating all those hours to sending out emails and making phone calls to the media only for them not to respond. It can be frustrating and infuriating!!

Pitching is truly a delicate artform and with a 80% success rate, I’ll literally giving you every single thing you need to get you featured in days instead of months


Having a great pitch is half the battle (the other half is knowing who to send it to) that’s why I’ve made things so much easier.

I will help you craft a pitch that you can use NOW to

  • Get you more publicity and media attention
  • Build authority in the press as the expert you are
  • Attract more raving fans and followers
  • Make you popular and profitable


You’ll get

  • A step by step guide on how to write a pitch that guaranteed to get you noticed
  • All the pitching templates need so all you’ll have to do is copy, paste and fill in the blanks
  • All the information you need to score an interview just by being yourself and sharing your story
  • Access to my personal list of media contacts so you’ll know who to send the pitch to so that it’s seen by the right people

All for just

Want to upgrade?
I’ll write, proofread and edit your pitch or a press release in a way that gets attention from the media.

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect

I’m Carla but you can call me Carli!

I’m the CEO’s Publicist and I help people like you get into the places and spaces that increase their visibility that help them hit those income goals they set for themselves and their business.

My clients and I have been featured EVERYWHERE!!
Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Huff Post, BuzzFeed, Thrive Global, Bustle and more…..you name it, we’ve been there.

How is it that I am able to score such great interviews and features for my people?

Well, not only do I have many years experience working with the media, at one time, I used to be a journalist!

Yep, I was the one getting those stories in the press, interviewing persons and breaking stories. I had backstage passes to all the best concerts and a front row view to every newsworthy event.
But you know what?

The absolute best stories, the ones that resonated most with readers, were the story of the ‘everyday’ people who were working hard a making a name for themselves.

Those stories were the ones that readers begged for the most because it inspired them; they felt like they too could achieve their dreams. (I’d like to think that many of the entrepreneurs today are as a result of reading some of the stories I worked on and some of the interviews I did.)

So when I talk about what the media is looking for, it’s because I know…..I used to be one of them…..and I also know exactly how to speak to them to get you featured.

Dana Hayes Burke
Global Business Strategist & Business Coach
Debbie Ann Jollie
Marketing Consultant
Jamila Bannister
Personal Branding Coach
Marlena Cole
Relationship Coach
Jarrod Best Mitchell
LinkedIn & Sales Guru
Kenty Lichtenberg
Plus Size Blogger & Marketing Expert

Stop wasting time!

Get the Perfect Pitch and
get booked TODAY!!


Frequently asked questions

Who is Pitch Perfect for
Serious CEOs who are looking to use the media to build their business and just need a bit of help getting the press to take notice

Will I really get featured in just a few days?
This is very possible once follow the instructions and use the templates Persons who have used the information shared were featured within two weeks so it is indeed possible

How will the information be delivered?
All information, templates and videos will be sent straight to your inbox

What does the upgrade entail?
As a CEO I understand you may be a bit busy and may not have the time to create and send pitches as often as needed. The upgrade will allow me to create the pitches on your behalf so all you’ll need to do is hit send. This starts from $197