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Many gurus out there never thought that traditional media was important. They were all focused on ‘digital this’ and ‘online that’……Now these same experts are utilizing press, radio, television, magazines and podcasts to share their message. Why? because with all that’s going on online they need that extra edge to not only get noticed but to also gain the credibility and trust of their audience.

Lucky for you, I’ve been on this publicity train for quite a while and I’d love to show you how I’ve been able to gain publicity that has led to an increase in online engagement and offline sales for myself and my clients.

Carla Williams Johnson is a Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She founded Carli Communications, which offers advertising and marketing advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in building a business in the ‘real world’.

She considers herself an advocate for business men and women who were desirous of promoting themselves by offering sound, unbiased advice, focusing mainly on methods to identify ideal clients, online and offline approaches to boosting visibility and the creation of practical marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue.

She’s been asked to share her knowledge with numerous publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Home Business Magazine and Thrive Global to name a few. She has been named one of the Marketers to follow for 2020 as well as recently awarded Best Promotions Company – West Indies at this year’s Media Innovator awards as compiled by Corporate Vision Magazine out of the UK

Now it’s your turn.

The fact is people need to know that you exist, that you’re available and that you’re willing to help them and the best way to so all of that is to use the media to support you.

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