Don’t you just hate social media sometimes?

Besides the fact that it could be a time drain once you get sucked down the rabbit hole of endless scrolling, you also have to contend with all the fan-freaking-tastic achievements others are having. It’s like one minute you’re minding your own business and the other you’re being smacked in the face by some other entrepreneur with their fabulous launch complete with stunning photos of themselves; Or they’re content is so timely and on point that you’re just taken aback and it makes you question what the hell you’ve been doing all this time.

You feel sad, depressed and wonder why you even bother.

[Insert deep heavy sigh and a few tears shed as you fling your phone away.]


Here’s the thing: You know you need social media, but your love for it is dwindling by the day. With all the other things you need to do it can feel like too much

– Where to be and what to post, when?

And let’s face it: videos and reels may not necessarily be your thing.

………. but I want you to remember that PR is anything that impacts how the outside world sees your business……..and that includes social media.


Now don’t scream or roll your eyes at me. My job as a publicist is to make things as easy as possible for you and using publicity with social media is quite literally the thing that will bring more people to you and get them to buy from you sooner.

This is how it goes:

  • Your ideal client sees a post on Instagram highlighting a snippet of an interview you did  recently;
  • They check it out because they liked something you said;
  • Which takes them directly to your website or your email list;
  • Which then allows them to get your automated email sequence; 
  • Which prompts them to set up a call with you where you impress the hell out of them

…and just like that, you have a new client. Now imagine if you had multiple interviews? Imagine how many new clients (and new money) you’d be getting on a regular basis?


You see, the increased media exposure, when shared on social media, will work wonders for your business. Doing one interview isn’t enough though, to ultimately grow the number of people in your orbit you need to be consistent which is why you absolutely need to invest in publicity over time.

Also, I’ll add that getting seen and heard in the press will undoubtedly wake up your existing audience……all of a sudden everyone wants a piece of you because they see you doing ‘big things’ and they want to be associated with you.

Which brings me back to my first point: Yeah social media can be annoying BUT when used with publicity it can truly transform your business and your life so start with the one tool designed to help you create fantastic, timely content for your platforms as well as help you get the publicity you need to grow your brand. For just $24 you can finally master your social media and get paid. Grab your copy here