I said it before and I’ll say it again……Caribbean Women are showing up and I’m sooooo proud to be doing my part to help my Caribbean sisters in business build global brands.

With this entire month dedicated to the achievements of women, I’ve been getting these ladies seen and heard in the media around the world, so as we wrap up Women’s History Month, allow me to share some of the incredible #movements my clients have been making.


Dana Hayes Burke & Andrea Ragoo

These ladies are literally using their knowledge and experience to transform the lives of entrepreneurs across the Caribbean. After getting them both featured over the past few months, they used their fame and authority to create a series of events geared towards helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive. This month they collaborated to host the Money & Strategy Moves Masterclass and I should note, that it was the very media presence that they received that allowed them to book the venue at a vastly reduced cost and helped them gain their number one sponsor for the event…….why? Because it just so happened that the decision makers recognized them from a television interview and was completely impressed with what they had heard. Media not only opened the door for them but helped make even money than they expected. That’s the power of publicity. 

The Vision Builder and Your Virtual CFO  have a lot more in store so be sure to stay glued to their pages for updates.



Keiva Reyes

If you’ve been following me you know how much praise I give to this Email Marketing Extraordinaire. This month she took things up a notch by getting featured in Guyana and sharing what she does with a whole new audience resulting in increased visibility as well as income for her business……not bad for a self proclaimed introvert. Due to this increase in exposure Keiva has seen a 20% increase in referral rates within just days of getting seen. The credibility she’s gained by being featured has allowed more and more persons to see her and feel comfortable recommending her to their colleagues.


Ann Marie Emmanuel

Ann Marie’s team and I worked hard to get her seen and heard internationally. Within the last two months alone, her book RelationSHIFT was seen in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada and Guyana. Now we’re taking things further by collaborating as she embarks on an international book tour which not only is bringing her increased visibility but also sales of the book. Within the last three weeks we’ve hit two locations and have already seen a 15% increase in sales which were both retail sales from attendees as well as bookstores purchasing in bulk for their customers. We have quite a few additional Meet the Author book singings so be sure to  click here to get details on when we’ll be at a location near you.



Judy McCutcheon

Judy is new to the CarliComm family but within just three weeks of working with us has been seen in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana sharing what she does to help women business leaders of the Caribbean thrive. Already Judy is using her visibility to plan regional workshops and conferences. While she’s currently in the planning stages she has already made connections on the ground of the places she was featured in to assist her. Getting those contacts were incredibly easy, because although these contacts have never actually met her, they feel like they know her because she was seen in the media in their country and now they are more than willing to help her achieve her goal. Be sure to head over to her social media profile to stay updated as to when she goes live.


Kenty Lichtenberg

Kenty is my sister from St Maarten and we’ve been working together for quite a while so it was easy for me to push her to gain recognition through an interview in Grenada this month to celebrate Caribbean Women’s History Month. This interview solidified Kenty’s as the ‘go to’ authority for Caribbean women of style.  This authority is further solidified as she’s actually been nominated at the Cayman InStyle Fashion Week for the Social Media Influencer Award. (Good luck Kenty!!!!!).

Kenty has also been instrumental in the development of another  Trini-based client, the founder of Aya Styler. I connected these two ladies and she’s been as been incredibly instrumental in helping with The Aya Styler Style tour by sourcing locations, booking media and embarking on a marketing campaign. I am so happy that I connected these two ladies and if you’re in in St Maarten over the next few days, be sure to stay tuned for details on the style tour


I am so incredibly proud of these and my many other Caribbean ladies making waves and helping others thrive.

Are you ready to get seen, heard and paid? Then let’s talk about it