There’s a saying that not all superheroes wear capes, and that is so very true but do you know that we all individually have our own super powers?

That concept was made known to me by my coach and mentor Ms Jennifer Kem back in 2016 and the concept has never left me. She states that our gifts, talents and abilities is what makes us unique and really honing in on what’s inside us can truly set us apart from others.

For example, I can tell you my superpower is giving business owners creative, out of the box solutions to market their business and get them noticed by the right people, at the right time so they can make the money they deserve right now. My tag is: Give me the information and I will give you innovation…..with a dash of inspiration.


Now we are all blessed with these superhero abilities in our own professions. If you’re not sure, ask yourself:

  • What are you absolutely best at in your business?
  • What to you love most about what you do & how does it make you feel?
  • What have others said you can do better than anyone else?

and you’ll discover what you are just fantastic at.

The only question remains: what good his having this superhuman power is it if you don’t use it?

I mean the purpose of a super hero is to save others right? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman……. are just some of the super heroes we grew up with and their sole purpose is to rescue people who are in distress. They show up and save the day, much like you should be in the lives of the people who need you.


So, why aren’t you showing up?


Here you are, with this spectacular gift to help people who are suffering and you’re not doing anything. You’ve got the antidote to their ailment but they can’t find you because you’re hiding.


Let me tell you straight up, if no one has ever told you this before, you are extraordinary and you have been blessed with a unique set of skills to help persons so it’s your duty to help. You know the whole Uncle Ben to Peter Parker speech in Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility”. You do have great power inside you so it’s time to start putting yourself out there and start saving some lives (and make some money in the process)

Maybe you’re just not sure how to show up. If that’s the case then let’s  try turning that superpower inwards and to save yourself and figure out what’s what is the thing that’s holding you back.

I mean, you’ve clearly got what it takes……..I can see it…..otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.


So it’s time to rescue you from yourself!!

There are usually three things that tend to keep entrepreneurs from living their dream.

Firstly, for most people I can guess fear. This falls into four categories:

  • The fear of failure,
  • The fear of success,
  • The fear of rejection
  • The fear of not being perfect (aka perfectionism).

I tackle this in a blog I did entitled: Fear, Fail and other four letter “F” words which think would be beneficial for you to read as it tackles each one and how you can overcome them


Another reason you might be holding onto your superpower is because you are what I call ‘stuck in strategy’ You get so caught up in the details and the planning and learning that you fail to get into action and miss your sale.  You see knowing what to do will not make you richer, putting what you know into action will, and by action I mean literally doing what is learned even if that action is outsourcing it to someone who can.  In some cases it might be more cost effective to invest in an expert so that you can spend your time doing what you are good at which is making money for your business

As my mentor says, ‘action is the shortest distance to from where you are now to where you want to be’


Lastly, and this is a huge one, you may be an introverted entrepreneur. Yes there are those out there who know that they need to get out but the thought of it paralyzes them. I read somewhere that when logic is pitted against emotion, emotion will win every single time. I’ve chatted with a few of them and the common thread is they’re just comfortable being in the background. These persons may love social media posting but a video fills them with dread, or worse yet, making a call or going out in public to network. These are the ones who wish that their ideal client would find them and would survive on referrals if they could, because the thought of getting out of their comfort zone is scary and downright exhausting.

For those introverts, I wish I could say that we could sit back and let people find us, but that’s not how Wonder Woman works. That’s not how Batman saves Gotham City or Superman helps the people of Metropolis. Each one of them puts on their suit of armor and goes where they are needed, when they are called and it’s time that you do too.


The dilemma of the introverted entrepreneur is real, but you know your friendly neighborhood marketer won’t let you suffer. I am answering your call and inviting you to attend the FREE webinar called: Marketing for Introverts. The ultimate guide to help you step up and stand out in business designed to help you overcome your fear of putting yourself out there and build your brand one relationship at a time.

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