Did you all happen to catch the International Soca Monarch Competition on Fantastic Friday night?

If you are a lover of the season, I’m sure you did, but if you didn’t you missed out on some very important life lessons.

I am sure you all know by now that Aaron St Louis better known as ‘Voice’ took home the title for a second time but honestly I think this win was far more significant that the last.




Because of what he had to go through, the public ridicule he had to endure during the competition just because he was who he was. I think however, this victory serves as a poignant reminder that we all are ‘far from finished ‘ and teaches us some extremely important rules about life and about business



RULE #1:  Putting down your competition to make your product look superior NEVER works!!!
I looked on as some of the other contestants mocked during their performances. They stated that he ‘bought champagne” with his 2016 winnings, referring to a line from his song. One by one they made statements, many of them humorous, though immature in nature. Veterans in the industry belittled his 2016 achievements stating that he ‘won’t win again’ one even remarked he should ‘go an take a bathe’ (a line from that contestant’s soca hit). Each vying for the crown, the money and the title in their own childish way. They said all kinds of things about him, all in a futile effort to make themselves, their songs and performances seem better.


How many of us do the same in business? Often putting down or highlighting the perceived flaws of our competition without taking a moment to showcase what is unique about our own product. We try to make our unique selling point about ‘lowest price’ or a ‘cheaper alternative’ when what we need to do is give people what they need and showcase the benefits that we offer over our competition. We are so focused on what others are doing that we do not build and develop what we have to make it more appealing our specific target audience.


And here it was that this man was being berated publically just for being on top. For being the youngest person in history to win the title and for taking the crown in 2016 after entering for the first time, his accomplishments far surpassing the other ‘big men in the business’

I can only imagine how Aaron felt backstage as he prepared to perform.

He had lyrics and a groovy beat but how would the crowd respond after hearing all that was being said? Amidst the clutter, noise and manufactured ‘bachannal’ how would his serious message of positivity be received?

Then, as he took the stage and gave a stirring introduction to his song, the music did not co operate. You heard him as he say “Whey meh music” as he was forced to stop and exit the stage. ‘Technical difficulties’ they said…….sigh – another blow to our champion.


Which brings me to rule #2:  When you’re doing well things will happen to try to throw you off your game


I’m sure Aaron felt the pressure at this point. I mean, who wouldn’t ?

He could have sank into the corner backstage and given up, but he came out and gave one of the best performances of the night. With everything against him, he moved the crowd with his presentation and, when the dust settled, rose triumphantly to the top. During his performance he remarked that his song is about positivity. It was not about the money or the trophy, but about making a difference and it didn’t matter if he won or not, if he could change one person’s life with his music then he already won.

Those few words not only silenced his naysayers and struck a chord with the crowd and the judges.


How many of us sulk, get despondent and throw our hands up when things do not go our way. We think everyone and everything is against us so we might as give up.  But a true winner stays focused. They understand that you to keep going, keep moving forward.

Aaron stayed true to his message and his brand’s voice (no pun intended) and retained the title AND the trophy AND the money that everyone else seems concerned about.


Which brings me to rule #3:  Staying true to your brand will always make you a true winner.


You too can retain your crown in business (and make that money)

Keep moving forward and claim what’s yours. Forget what people might say or do. They will come from every angle, mess with your head and tell you can’t, shouldn’t or don’t deserve it. Stay the course and keep going

Stay true to your brand’s personality and truly stand out from the crowd. Tell people what you are about, the benefits of working with you. Don’t focus on winning the client or the money, they will both come if you stay true to who you are

Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis victory should serve as a reminder to us all that we have a lot to offer the world if we just stay true to ourselves and keep our eyes on the prize.

Congrats Mr St Louis

You are indeed ‘Far from Finished ’

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