Trinidad & Tobago Carnival!!

I absolutely love it! The music and the revelry literally has me on a constant high, and, if you are a good business owner, you will see opportunities to market your product everywhere you turn.
From the epic concerts and fetes to panorama and on the road, the culture of the people is to party, drink and ‘get on bad’ with no apology.
As a marketer you should have a keen knowledge of what the masses are calling for as they get ready for two days of carefree living. Gyms are packed, hairdressers and make up artists are booked out and every fete would require a brand new outfit. For me, however is the way our favorite soca artists keep giving us high energy music every year that causes us to lose our inhibitions as we gyrate on the roadways.
Because there are two things that any good soca artist knows that allows them to bring forth hit after hit, and, like a soca superstar, you can adopt these two things into your business to see a massive following.
Want to know the secret?
It’s quite simple really

Meaning that at this time of the year, they understand that people want to free up, drink up and have a good time and, quite frankly the popular songs are usually about that. These soca artists know that people want to move, shake and wine without a care in the world. They keep their beats simple and the lyrics even simpler and provide a much needed escape for the masses who are consumed with the stresses of life for the whole year, and look forward with eager anticipation for this time of the year. For that brief few minutes all that matters to them is the music that engulfs them. They don’t want complicated lyrics they want a beat that they can dance to and these artists deliver every time. They understand the target audience inside out and they know exactly what it takes to whip them into a frenzy or allow them to take a slow sensual wine on their partner. Something they can easily remember and chant to as they enjoy themselves………which brings me to #2



Wine! Jump! Wave! Put yuh han in d air! Palance! Shake yuh bumper! Move to the left! I can go on. These are crucial elements of a soca hit, because people need to be told what to do. Just look at the road march contenders this year: one is asking you to ‘Beat the road’ while the other is saying ‘hold dem an wuk dem’. Every single powerful soca hit has got to have an epic call to action that allows the artist to take command of their audience. It is crucial and the people respond. A few years ago a popular soca artist got himself into some hot water because he instructed party goers to destroy a fence……..and they did!! He later said he didn’t expect them to actually do, but they did. That’s the power of a call to action.

How does this apply to your business, well, basically if you know your audience and their trigger points you will be able to give them exactly what they are asking for AND tell them to go get it.
Simple, perfect truth to business.
Apply these two simple things to your business and I guarantee, much like the sold out concerts and fetes that happen every year, your products and services will be selling out as well!!
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Can’t wait to hear from you and……..if you do participate in the festivities here’s hoping you have a safe and enjoyable carnival season.