For over a decade, I have unapologetically kept up with the KarJenners because they are MARKETING GENIUSES!!!!!

They have amassed a great deal of wealth, power and publicity from just being themselves.
Love them or hate them, they have infiltrated the market and they know their target audience inside out and use EVERYTHING as a stepping stone to create wealth.

People hated on Kylie for her lips, she launched lip kit (this is after she had some success with her hair line),

People hated on Khloe for her weight, she lost the weight and got her own television show about losing weight and endorsement deals from Protein World.

They’ve written books, owned stores, have their own clothing and beauty line and it just keeps getting better for them. Each sister even has an app that you pay for that gives you a sneak peak into their lives (Because being in the news every single day is not enough).

Even the people who hate them and take time out of their precious day to spew negative comments are actually fueling the marketing empire that they have created, and while I am amazed how derogatory some of the comments are, I have to believe deep down inside there is a hint of jealousy…….I mean if it were that easy then I guess everyone would be rich and famous.

As a marketer and an entrepreneur, I urge you to rake a page out of their book:
1. Know your target audience inside out and GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT every single time. Become their best friend so they will follow you everywhere. Dominate your industry and let the sales come to you. One of their super fans actually wrote t hat they have developed relationships with the family inside their head so that they don’t feel so lonely. Now that’s getting into the mind of your target.
2. Look for opportunities everywhere and in everything. Endorsements, sponsors, collaborations are all out there — just go get it!!
3. Data comes in all forms, even in negative comments. Turn that information into a positive bankable opportunity. Sometimes people cannot tell you what they want, but can tell you what they don’t want. Learn to read between the lines and promote yourself.
4. Keep trying to see what sticks. If something doesn’t work (like their Perfect Skin skincare line), move on from it, don’t dwell. If something is working then beat the hell out of it!!!! TV shows work for them, the family has had variations for the same shows for what seems like forever. Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Kourtney take the Hamptons, Khloe and Kourtney take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloe and Lamar, Revenge Body…….all with success.
5. Mainstream media TOGETHER with social media will get your name out there. Use them both to promo yourself. Use the technology and the media to your advantage and keep up with current trends.
6. Make it look effortless and easy. No one has to know you’re struggling, testing and finding your way. Feel free to share your story but do not look like struggle while you’re doing it. You are your brand, make sure when people see it, they love it.
7. Invest in your greatest asset!! While they make a great deal of money on their looks, you need to invest in your intellectual property. Take courses that can help you excel in the business you are in.
8. Hire the help you need. You cannot do it alone, you need a team. They have a glam squad you need your own: an accountant, coach, marketing expert, social media manager — get yourself a team!!!
9. Network and form relationships!!! I swear the Kris Jenner know every single person in the industry. You need to get the decision makers to know who you are. Get out there and meet people.
10. Be patient in the process. Even when the infamous sex tape was released, no one knew who Kim or who the Kardashians were. One television show changed that and now all these years later the entire family are household names. Nothing happens over night, keep moving, growing and evolving. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

BONUS LESSON: Always remember to pay if forward. Give back to your community by giving money or by donating your time or skills to worthy cause. Find a cause that’s close to your heart donate products, services or your time to helping others and see your business (and your spirit) prosper. Put positive energy out there and it will flow right back to you.

So let go of the notion that these girls are famous for being famous or that they get money for doing nothing and look deeper and realize and get the lessons that they can teach you. While people are deciding which sister they like the best, you should be looking at how you can create your own empire.

It’s doable…….if you know how to ‘keep up’

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