Collaboration is the Currency of Entrepreneurship

When I first heard that phrase I almost fell out of my seat. My mentor spoke about this in an event I attended recently and those were the exact words she used. This is because in order to really grow your business you need to join forces with persons who are on the same mission as you.

In last week’s blog post I spoke about the different types of reach: Organic, Paid and Partnership (just think of O.P.P *yeah you know me!!*), but today I want to really expand on partnership and dispel some of the myths surrounding this.


MYTH #1: People will steal your ideas

The truth is that there are no new ideas under the sun, but it is how you execute it that makes the difference. Once you find a team of individual who are aligned with your values and are working towards a common goal then there is no chance of something like this happening. Take the time to get to know the people who you are partnering with and ensure that they are on the same mission as you are.


MYTH #2: Some persons will get more credit than others

Keep in mind when embarking on collaboration or a sponsorship deal, the relationship must be mutually beneficial and must address the benefits each person will receive when working with the team. Ensure that there are contracts drafted up so that gains (and losses) are equally shared.


MYTH #3: Collaborating with persons in the same industry doesn’t make sense

Joining with others people in your field makes sense because if you think about being in service to customers, you will understand that people would rather come to one place and get everything. For example, if you have a wedding to go to won’t it make sense to book one appointment to have your hair, makeup and nails done rather than three different appointments? Look for persons who you share the same target audience with and makes sense for your business and create packages to serve your customers.


MYTH #4: Collaborating with the competition doesn’t make sense

If you can offer something that your competition can’t then it makes perfect sense. Similar to the myth #3 people want get everything they need in one place, therefore if you partner with a competing entrepreneur and offer something to their clients that they cannot then it works well for both parties. In cases like this, one entrepreneur will outsource the expertise of another to satisfy the needs of the customers.


MYTH #5: I don’t need to collaborate, I can do it all myself

This is possible but it will take you longer and the journey that much harder to get seen by your ideal customers. Plus working as a team helps you brainstorm ideas better and get appropriate feedback.


Collaborating with other business owners and entrepreneurs is really one of the best ways to get you noticed sooner, quicker and faster. Pool your resources and continue to look for innovative ways to truly connect with your target audience

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