I’m writing this piece from a place of love, because I think what you’re doing is phenomenal (side note: I feel like I use the word ‘phenomenal’ a lot).

But seriously though, you are such a badass at what you do and I guarantee no one can do it better than you……..so why are these other frauds taking your clients and your money?


Well, the reason is YOU!!

I want you to absolutely CRUSH it and that’s why sometimes I have to deliver tough news because I know it’s what you need to hear:


You’re getting the results you deserve 


The workshops that no one attended? You worked for that.

The launches that fell flat? All you.

The lack of sales? Sorry to say, you earned that.


Now, don’t be angry with me – I was there too. 

My addiction to being busy and my unwillingness to show up kept me broke. I remember feeling so upset, frustrated and stressed out about things not happening the way I wanted but then with some self reflection I realized I was at fault. 


Like you, staying behind my laptop was a safe place and as long as I kept ‘moving’’ then I could tell myself that things were happening, when in actuality it really wasn’t. I was running on a treadmill going nowhere fast while these other ‘so called experts’ raked in the cash.  I knew I was more knowledgeable than they were but they showed up and made their presence felt. As mediocre as their offerings were, they were the ones people were seeing, hearing and paying. 


It sucked!!!!!…..and while the solution seemed simple enough, I hesitated a great deal but let me tell you….. when your bank account is lower than your confidence it really wakes up a sister!!


Now hear me when I say, no one attending your webinar or your lack of sales doesn’t mean that what you’re offering isn’t stellar or that you should give up; nor am I saying you didn’t try your darndest to push yourself.

No! Absolutely Not!!

Because I know you and I know like I know that you worked damn hard to get where you are…..but what I am saying hun is that you need to show up more. Get out from behind the scenes and let your people know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It’s really the only way to make all your hard work pay off.



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