If you’ve been following me you’d know that I hosted my first ever ultra exclusive networking event for Caribbean Women CEOs.


Honestly, I was in total awe of these women and I cannot say enough about the pure, unwavering, ‘let’s do this’ energy that was in the room. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Women have a lot to deal with and while the entrepreneurial journey can feel a little lonely and a lot daunting, Connection, Communication, Collaboration and Community are the four C’s we need to truly build global brands. (and of course Carli, the publicist that can get you featured internationally)


But, hear me out on the last ‘C’ for just one minute.

I feel too often entrepreneurs, particularly women brand owners, don’t fully understand how having a publicist can save them time, energy and help them make that money sooner, quicker & faster. 


As a female business owner having a publicist can: 


1: Get you in front of more of the right people faster 

Let’s face it, social media isn’t helping you one bit. The algorithm has you showing up to a bunch of ‘waste-of-timers’ who have said  (in a not so nice way) that they’re not buying from you. Showing up in the press, however, will put you in front of a whole new audience who would love to hear from you and are ready to buy. I have the connections that will get you where you need to be in record time…………….all you’ve to do is show up.


2: Make people fall in love with you (and pay you sooner)

I’ll make sure that when you do show up you know exactly what to say. I’m not just going to book the interview and leave you hanging…..oh no! I’ll  ensure that the media knows exactly how the interview is going to go and what you’re coming to talk about. I’ll also prep YOU because this is your time to shine. I’ll make sure that you know what to focus on, what needs to be said and the direction in which to take the conversation. My end goal is to ensure that people who see you and hear you love you enough to pay you sooner. 


3: Give you your time back (so you can work on your other clients)

You’re a busy bee, I get that and, if I’m being honest, getting publicity is an ongoing, time consuming task. Trying to DIY getting publicity can take months and sometimes even years. I remember a client of mine said she took over a year to land one feature because of the amount of time it took to source the right press, get the pitch out and follow up, but after working with me she was in three publications in just two weeks. Listen, you ain’t got that kinda time to try to figure things out when you could be using that time to work with your clients and make that money. Focus on what you’re good at and let me do the rest.



4: Help you turn your newfound fame into fortune

As I  mentioned before, having a publicist gives you your time back but I can also help bring new clients your way. You see, there are techniques I’ll  share with you to ensure that your interview or feature resonates with your audience in a way that wakes them up to take notice of you. Remember media never dies so I’ll  give you strategies you can use to repurpose your feature again and again to get more clients and even speaking gigs (that is if you’re interested in making more money)


You see, having a publicist is one of the best investments you can make in your business if you truly want to get paid sooner, quicker and faster; But if you struggle a bit with knowing HOW to show up or with knowing how to speak about your business clearly so that people can buy from you then I’d love to invite you to Dare to Be Seen Introverts Edition. The material is 100% designed for female introverted brand owners where you’ll get heart-centered advice on how to use your introverted strengths to show up more confidently so you can serve more people. Let me help you create a visibility strategy so others can finally see you and your business.  Plus I’ll share the best practices for introverted, female business owners to effectively show up and promote their brands with integrity. Click here for all the details.