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You have been trying to do all that they said to do so that you can attract your ideal clients.

You have been trying to post the reels, make the videos, and all that good stuff, but you have had little success with it because it just doesn’t feel like you.

You want to get the recognition and income you deserve without jumping through all the hoops. That’s exactly why you will LOVE:


  • Dive into my:
    The simple five steps you need to build confidence so that you can consistently show up as you are

  • Tap into
    of marketing as an introvert so that you can increase your brand recognition

  • Discover how you can use media in simple but effective ways to
    so that you can be recognized as an expert in your field

  • Map out
    you can make it right now so that you can get paid.

  • Uncover your hidden potential for
    so that you are not stuck and overwhelmed again.

Here’s what my clients are saying…

Dana Hayes Burke
Global Business Strategist & Business Coach
Debbie Ann Jollie
Marketing Consultant
Cherice Job
Transformational Coach

My Clients have been featured in

and if I’m being honest I completely identify as an introvert.

I love my alone time and sometimes, I’m not in the mood for ‘people-ing’
— just the thought of it can be overwhelming and exhausting.
There are some days that I JUST CANNOT DEAL!!!

BUUTTT I was able to push past my fear and be featured in international publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed and more. I have been able to show up on global stages and inspire hundreds of Caribbean women to boldly go where they thought they could never go before.

What I found is that hiding in plain sight, is still hiding. You know what I mean…’re constantly posting, chasing the ever changing algorithms in the hope that someone, somewhere might see you and think you’re awesome. It doesn’t work that way hun…..but what does work is consistently showing up in the places and spaces you need to be to form those connections and make that money.

As the CEO’s Publicist, that’s exactly what I’ll do for you.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your seat at the table of greatness. See you there!

If you’re sick and tired of working too much and being
told to do things that you’re just not comfortable doing
then this one day workshop is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Dare to Be Seen Introverts Edition best suited for?
Entrepreneurs & CEOs who are experienced experts in their field but are tired of hiding and playing small. I’ll help you show up without being a show off.

How will the modules be delivered?
Once you enroll, you’ll immediately receive access to the curriculum. The program will be housed in an online portal that you will have access to when you enroll. Each module has video training, workbooks, books and all of the bonuses are accessible forever. So, you have the opportunity to do the programs at your own pace.

What can I expect?
The material is 100% designed for introverted CEOs where you’ll get heart-centered advice on how to use your introverted strengths to show up so you can serve more people.