I know, I know. You’re a brand owner who’s full of money making ideas!! You’re putting in those hours, creating that awesome content and you’ve got a bit of a rhythm going juggling your business, your clients and your little ones.


Things are going ok.
Just ok…..right”

….but you’re tired and while you might be moving, you don’t think things are progressing as fast as they could and should be and you’re 100% sure that getting more visibility is the answer. 


Now, while you know publicity can help, you’re thinking that maybe you can try to get it done yourself……….how hard can it be, right?

Wrong! Here are  four reasons why you absolutely need a publicist in your life:



1)  You’re not sure where to begin

No need to comb through the thousands of publications, podcasts and programs trying to find the one that’s right for you. We’ll do all that work for you to make sure you get in front of the right audience who will see you and instantly fall in love with you


2)  You have no clue when is the best time to get featured. We’re trained to remember when are the best times of the year for your brand.  As a female brand owner I can already tell you that there are certain months the media will be dying to highlight someone just like you. Plus, we keep our eyes and ears on the pulse of what’s going on in the world…….if something is trending and we feel that you need to be a part of it, then we’ll make sure to contact the media so you can share your thoughts. A publicist’s job is to make sure that when the media needs someone to interview that you’re their number one choice


3) You’re not sure what to say. Trust me, we not only got through with you what you should talk about, but we also brief the media by sending them your bio and questions they should be asking you to make sure you both stay on point.


4: You have no idea what to do with your piece/interview once it goes live. Leveraging your media is everything. We’ll tell you exactly what to do to ensure it gets in front of the right people so you can get seen, heard and paid…..faster!!




Sounds great!! But I can’t afford a Publicist.

Of course you can!! Listen, with flat fees and affordable retainers I’d love to help you grow your global brand. Listen, I get it……you already have a lot on your plate;  That’s why I’m here. I take care of all the behind the scenes work like: sending the proposal, following up,  making the booking, creating the document  for the media/interviewer complete with bio, topic, suggested questions and accompanying images, vetting all the features, requesting all the recordings, following  up for live links and so much more…………All you have to do is show up


Can you really afford not to have a publicist in your life?

No more excuses. Let’s talk about it. Click here