So you know you need to be ‘out there’ but how do you know which media is right for you? How do you know which type of publication is best given your personality and comfort level?

There are quite a few ways to get yourself and your brand in front of a whole new audience without feeling overwhelmed by the process. For even the most fearful, there is a media that will help you get your business in front of the right people.


Guest Post or Blog

Perfect for if you love writing or have lots of existing content that you can simply repurpose. If you’d prefer to stay hidden but still be seen, this is the option for you, the trick is finding the right platform where your knowledge and experience would be appreciated.


Magazine, Press or Online Feature

This is a great way to show up without having to do too much.  Many journalists send questions or chat with you one on one to help make this process easier. They will then take your responses and create a great piece about you and your business.


Round up Interview

Fantastic if you don’t like to write too much but would like to show up as an expert in your field. I recently did one with Entrepreneur magazine’s 10 Successful Entrepreneurs on Why Delegating Effectively Is Difficult But Necessary. With this type of publicity you simply have to respond to a question or give your opinion on a topic and *BOOM*  you’re in.


Radio or Podcast (camera off) Interview

This option is for you if you don’t mind being heard but not quite ready to be seen just yet. You get to share your knowledge and experience with the listening audience without having to get all dolled up. Make up free, stress free publicity!!


Television or Podcast (camera on) Interview

This is for you if you’re more than comfortable with ‘lights, camera, action!!’  You show up as simply yourself and wow your viewers. 


Speaker or Panel Discussions

This is the ultimate when it comes to publicity. You not only get seen and heard but, in many cases you get to interact with your people forging real relationships 



From introvert to extrovert (and everywhere in between) there is a media that is ready and willing to help you. Speaking of introverts,  Dare to Be Seen, Introverts Edition is perfect for you if the very thought of showing up fills you with dread BUT you know you have to for the sake of your business. Get all the details here.