Building a business is hard; Sometimes I just want to give up………do you feel that way sometimes?

It’s like you’re trying so hard but for what? For who? Nobody cares anyway? 

  • Launch a masterclass, program, workshop…….*crickets* 
  • Trying to sell your one on one consultation…….*no one in sight*
  • Created this fantastic freebie…..*opt-ins at an all time low*

Then what the hell do people really want?

Well, allow me to answer that question………it’s not that people don’t want what you have to offer but you’re not presenting it the right way.

You can’t come out swinging with your Christmas sale when no one has heard from you since March. You can’t make a promise that your product is going to solve all their problems when you have not demonstrated this over time.

You know your stuff works………’ve used it on yourself and your clients but, you haven’t been talking about it or sharing your experiences and their transformations so how do you expect others to buy from you when you’ve been silent for so long on the things that matter? And, if you do talk about it it’s only on social media which is not quite cutting it anymore due to the frequent algorithm changes.

This is why you need a strategy…….a plan of action on how to connect with your audience the right way. 

  • What offline tactics can you pair with your online activities to amplify your voice? 
  • Where do you need to be and when is the best time to show up to truly connect with your audience to get them to see, hear and pay you? 
  • How can you create more impactful content and how can you use it to generate more income in your business?

Posting on IG or Tik Tok is ok……….but so much more goes into creating wealth in your business. Why are you using the platforms you do and how can you use them to better connect with your audience?

I agree, building a business is hard work but doing more of the right thing will make the process much easier. 

Attending the Strategic Power Planning Party is exactly what you need to turn that confusion into clarity. In three days you’ll have ALL OF 2023 mapped out…..launches, dates, ideas and everything you need to make the new year less stressful and more profitable. You’ll finally understand how to make those connections that will increase your income.  These three days are for you only if you’re truly ready to break free and actually do the thing that will ensure you make 2023 the most profitable yet.

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