Make 2023 the year that your
cash flow becomes predictable and
scalable, no matter what is happening
in the world around you.

How can you be hopeful about 2023 when you know
you’ve been doing all the things but somehow the money
you’re making isn’t moving the way it used to…


Here’s a secret
It all comes down to one thing….Strategy

You’ve got to make some serious
changes if you want to see serious results!

Instead of burning yourself out in an attempt to
generate more revenue come to the

Strategic Power Planning Party

Here’s what you can expect over the three days

Over the course of 3 days, you’re going to develop an action-based
strategy that will help you consistently put your perfect offer in front
of the right people.

Marlena Cole
Life & Relationship Coach

Nekeisha Marajh
Confidence Mentor

Cherice Job Lewis
Leadership Coach

Jo-Ann Hamilton
Creator, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Jamila Bannister
Brand & Marketing Specialist

Dana Hayes Burke
Global Business Strategist & Business Coach

Little Actions. Big Results

The Strategic Power Planning party can help you consistently
make an additional $10k per month!!

Get crystal clear on your next specific steps.

By the end of the three-day event, you’ll have a clear plan
on what’s absolutely necessary for you to focus on for 2023.

Who is the Strategic Power Planning Party best suited for?
If you are a service-based CEO such as a specialist, consultant, coach, trainer, teacher, and/or someone who uses their education, experience, and expertise to solve problems for their clients, then this event is for you.

Can I just attend the virtual sessions? Of course, you can!! But it would be nice to connect with you face to face at the brunch so consider leaving the house to network with my friends and I.

What’s the dates and times of the virtual?
Virtual events are December 9th and 10th from 10 am to 12noon. Links will be provided to attendees.

Will replays of the virtual event be available?
All presentations are delivered live with the recording made available shortly afterward. We suggest you carve out time to watch the recording so you can stay on track.

What about the Brunch? When and where will it be held?
The Brunch will be held on December 11th in Trinidad & Tobago at D’Office Restaurant & Lounge. Full details and menus will be shared to interested parties. I’d really love to attend!

Will this work for me?
Yes it will. No matter how much or how little your business is earning, the Strategic Power Planning Party will help you to streamline your efforts to amplify your results.