So you’ve been trying and trying to build a brand that gets seen, heard and paid but, somehow nothing seems to be happening… least not as fast as you’d like it. 


#TruthTime: You can’t keep doing the same things you did last month or last year and expect a different result now. If you want to make more, then you’ve got to do something different.  The fact is, if your daily ‘to do’ list looks the same now as it did a few months ago, then your revenue will, too. You have to do something new. You have to make a change if you want to change your results. 

Because it’s new and different, it’s going to be a challenge and, I’m telling you now, you’re gonna hate it….(you might even hate  me……for a while) but hun when you’re rolling in ‘dem dollars then you’ll understand why I’m pushing so hard. 


Only 85% of women entrepreneurs remain stuck at a low income level. Millions of women start their own businesses but very few make decent money………I’m going to ensure that you’re one of the few that do. 

Here are four things that are keeping you from your money


Ignoring the Power of Publicity

I’ve said it time and time again, the visibility and credibility you get from the  media goes a long way when it comes to getting you seen, heard and paid sooner. Learning how to leverage the power of the media to bring more leads, sales, and profits to my business has been by far the most valuable tool I’ve used to scale my business. 


Not Sharing your Story

Again I’ve talked about how sharing your story makes you relatable which  builds trust……and once your people trust you they’ll buy from you. No longer does the ‘loudest marketer win’ but the marketer who takes that time to build relationships will be the one that succeeds.


Not Sharing Social Proof

I’ve been guilty of this. I used to think that I can’t sell to others what I haven’t been able to do for myself but what people need to know is how I’ve helped others achieve success. Simple right? So how about reducing the ‘self promotion’ posts and showcase how you’ve helped your people and the transformations they’ve experienced just for having you in their lives.


Inconsistent Media Appearances

You need to be visible and the only way to do that is through consistency. If your people don’t see you, they’ll just go to someone else……and we can’t have that!! Too often I’ve heard clients say “Well I have nothing to talk about” which is the furthest thing from the truth. Check out this blog where I talk about How to Get Media Coverage when you have No News.



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