Meet Keiva

Keiva and I go waaay back…….at least it feels that way.

I met her a few years ago and she has become an integral part of my business helping me with my email marketing strategy.


Keiva, like most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, is brilliant at what she does. She has the ability to help you build a truly engaging audience, but no one really knows that because she had a fear of showing up.


I say ‘had’ because while working together I was able to help her overcome those fears. Here’s how I was able to help Keiva show up, even as an introverted CEO


What do you do and who do you serve?

I am an Administrative and Email Marketing Specialist. I help female business owners to close the gaps in their business and build an email community to help them grow their business with ease and increase their profits. 


Do you consider yourself an introvert? What were some of your fears around showing up?

I don’t know if introvert is the correct term but I was fearful of growing my business. I was afraid to show up as my true self as I thought that I would face criticism from people who know me and, of course, imposter syndrome told me that I didn’t know enough. 


What made you finally say yes to getting featured?

You pushing me lol. 

I decided it was time to face the fear and overcome it. I also saw how you and your clients showed up consistently through the media and gained the recognition that was truly deserved and felt that it was time for that to be me.


You’ve been in a magazine and on television so far, how did the process make you feel? 

When I first thought about publicity I was scared, after some time I talked myself into getting over the fear and knowing that if I could just do it once it would be easier to do it again. The magazine feature was the easiest interview as I was sent the questions and created my answers to submit. The easy part was I didn’t have to show up for an interview on camera or audio. Once I received the questions, it was easy for my writing to flow and answer the questions. When the article was finally published, I was filled with joy to know that I was able to overcome that hurdle that held me back for so long. When Carla presented me with the opportunity to appear on television, of course the fear set in again but knowing that I had one feature under the belt, I really wanted this one. Publicity is addictive!


What are some of the positive results you’ve gotten from showing up? 

My confidence surely grew a lot, especially when people I know tell me “I saw you on tv”, “congratulations on the achievements” and “I am so proud of you”. I am able to show up more on social media as myself and I have become comfortable being called a certified MailerLite Expert! wasn’t a term that I grasped before but now I own that term!


What advice would you give to other introverts out there who may be experiencing the same anxieties and fears you were?

Don’t let fear hold you back from becoming the person you were meant to be.  If I could show up on tv, without make up and be entirely ready (then again who is ever entirely ready) and speak about things that I know and hold close to my heart then you can too. Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Visualize it and accept it and if it should happen then you can still say “I did this!” and learn from those mistakes, we are all human and NO ONE is perfect.



I want you to have the same experience as Keiva.

I want you to move from fear and self doubt to gaining courage, visibility and most of all confidence. You have just a few more days to register for Dare to Be Seen, Introverts Edition, where I’ll give you all the tools you need to finally get seen, get heard and get paid. Get all the details here.