So by a raise of hands, how many of you entrepreneurs out there are introverts?

Hmm……that’s a lot!

Seriously though, you would be AMAZED at how many business persons are introverts out there, and this poses and interesting dilemma…… do I promote my business when the very thought of putting myself out there leaves me mentally and emotionally exhausted?

It’s a scary thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and scarier still when that’s the one thing that you swear you just won’t do.

Let’s get one thing straight.……I am no introvert, but I have adopted a few on my journey. It seems that many introverted entrepreneurs love my bold, sassy outspoken ways. Opposites attract perhaps?

Whatever the reason, these are the major issues they tell me they face in business

  • They want to hang out and be social but just convince themselves it’s best to be home alone, so they miss out on business opportunities;
  • They are filled with dread if they have to attend a social event and would much rather stay in a corner and observe. (That’s if they even attend at all). So they miss out on potentially lucrative connections;
  • They are in a constant struggle with who they are and what they KNOW they should be doing for their business;
  • They need to give themselves a mental (or verbal) pep talk just to make a connection or a call.

Sounds like you? Be honest.

Well the good news is that being an introvert isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in business it can mean no one knowing who you are and what you can do for them which can result in LESS CUSTOMERS, LESS SALES AND EVEN LESS PROFIT COMING YOUR WAY!!




You have the knowledge, expertise, passion and desire in what you do and would like to share it with the world but you just need a little nudge on HOW to get it out there the right way to touch the lives of others…….that’s where I come in.

I’m going to help you communicate in a way that pushes your introverted self a little out of your comfort zone (lovingly of course).

Here are four things you can do right now to help you market yourself better as an introvert.


#1 – Let’s take a look at that mindset

Envision yourself as a superhero, here to save the day (and the dollar) of the people who need you the most.  I mean the purpose of a super hero is to save others right? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman……. are just some of the super heroes we grew up with and their sole purpose is to rescue people who are in distress. They show up and save the day, much like you should be in the lives of the people who need you. You have the antidote to your people’s ailment and they need it to survive, so therefore, they need you!

Now we are all blessed with these superhero abilities in our own professions.

If you’re not sure what yours are, ask yourself:

  1. What are you absolutely best at in your business?
  2. What do you love most about what you do & how does it make you feel?
  3. What have others said you can do better than anyone else?

…..and you’ll discover what you are just fantastic at.


#2 – Take small strategic steps to control mini conversations

When attending a networking event, don’t look at it as one huge task but as a series of small strategic meetings. Have a goal in mind about the type of person you would like to connect with and what you would like the outcome to be. That way you can zone in the type of person you would like to meet.

The goal isn’t to talk to as many people as possible but to be very selective about whom you pour yourself into. Have questions in mind so as to steer the conversations in the direction you want it to such as how did you get started in your business or who have you found to be a good referral and allow the chat to grow and blossom from there. Once you feel in control then the conversation will become easier.


#3 – Remember you’re a genius

If no one has ever told you this before, allow me to say, you are extraordinary and you have been blessed with a unique set of skills to help persons. How do I know? Because you’re in business and you’re doing the damn thing!!

Remember your strengths and what you’re good at.   No one knows you and what you do, better than you so talk about it and celebrate it. Don’t be afraid to showcase your knowledge and expertise

You do have great power inside you so it’s time to start putting yourself out there and start saving some lives (and make some money in the process)


#4 – Expand your knowledge

Some persons are fearful because they think they don’t know enough to engage in conversations. Trust me, you know your stuff……..didn’t you just hear me say you’re the freaking bomb dot com in number 3? But I know that things change and there may be advances in your industry or you might feel just a tad bit intimidated when people speak on a topic that you’re not sure about so the best thing to do is invest in yourself.

Investing in books or online courses to help you gain more confidence in areas you may need a little nudge in or help you keep abreast of current trends in your industry. That way you can always feel welcomed into the conversation and not like an outsider looking in.


So there you have it; I told you I get what you’re going through so try these four things and let me know how it goes.

And while you’re building your business I want to give you this free gift called the Four Pillars for Building a Successful Brand. It’s a four step framework I developed to help your customers fall in love with you.

Click the link to download and remember to share this piece with your fellow introverted entrepreneurs.