So just in case you haven’t heard, Price Harry is now a married man. On Saturday 19th May, he married Meghan Markle, a now former American actress, and the world welcomed the Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

Even if you are not a lover of weddings or the royal family, it was literally all anyone was talking about. Every angle you could think of about the couple was highlighted, from her bi racial heritage and his rebellious nature, to his relationship with his brother and her family dynamics. There were movies made about their relationship, videos which compared the bride to her sister in law Kate Middleton and his late mother Princess Diana, memes about the Queen, programs on the celebrities that were in attendance at the wedding and what they wore, blogs about the cost of the wedding and what the union can mean for the future of the royal family…..and on and on and on.


The #RoyalWedding was trending and everyone had something to say about what they saw, how they felt and their own personal views on everything. It was everywhere!!! You could not escape the royal wedding even if you tried…..I mean short of hopping on a space ship……and even then I think it would find you and drag you back to earth!!


So how does this tie into marketing you may ask, well, in my opinion the Royal Wedding, like any trending topic, is MARKETING GOLD!!!!

Why? Because it’s proof that content is everywhere and one piece of it can be repurposed in a million different ways, a million different times to get a million different views. The fact that every single media agency across the globe spun every conceivable story into something worth consuming was astounding to me, all because this was (and will be for a while) the hot topic on everyone’s lips.


Even if you tried, you could not resist, you were forced to care about something that concerned the royal nuptials. I’m sure there were things that you didn’t even know were true and only just heard about as the wedding approached.

The fact is that anything that even had a glimpse of the royal wedding had a higher chance of being spoken of, listened to, viewed or read about, commented on, liked or shared all because people just could not get enough.


It all comes down to basic marketing: “Give the people what they want” and trust me, they wanted the royal wedding, even if they thought they didn’t. It was impossible not to get sucked in because it was in your face all the time. That’s what makes the content derived from trending topics such a powerful marketing tool, the fact that no one can escape it. It’s everywhere you turn, even if you want to avoid it, you can’t.  People just love being a part of something big; it’s your job to reap the benefits of it all.


As you look for ways to market your business, look out for and take advantage of trends when they arise. Make sure to ‘strike the iron while it’s hot’, because you only have a limited window of time before people move on to the next big thing. Once you do find what everyone’s talking about, capitalize on it by sharing the information with your creative spin on it as it relates to your business and your ideal customer. I mean, look at what I’m doing here, using the wedding to talk to you about marketing trends.


My point is to use the content that is literally floating around to prove your point, showcase your brand and connect with your customers. With respect to the ceremony, there was fantastic content to be used by wedding and event planners, relationships coaches, fashion designers, hair stylists, make up artists just to name a few, who could put their own unique spin or opinion to highlight what they do, plus, each piece of content can be shared in multiple ways such as a post, blog, meme, video, picture, quiz or a poll. It’s literally that simple.


Most importantly, when you do share your information, ask for feedback. Ask persons to give their point of views and engage in conversation. Trust me, once it’s a trending topic, everyone will have an opinion. It’s important to show others that you are an expert in your field and you have a knack for bringing others together and capitalizing on what’s trending will do just that.


Remember, content is everything. Everything you do, everything you experience and what others have experienced as well. Use it to sell and promote your business and connect your product and services with your audience.


I myself got sucked in, and honestly I love seeing how one event caused a marketing storm and it’s inspired me to put together a challenge to help you see how to use what is around you to create content to effectively market yourself. Is that something you would be interested in? Let me know in the comment below and Content Creation with Carli will be coming at you. You know your friendly neighborhood marketer has always got your back.

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