It’s that time of the year…..the season of gift giving.

Now, not gonna lie, I’m one to buy stuff for myself…….kinda like giving to myself.

It might sound selfish but honestly I like to treat myself to a gift or two whether it’s something I need for my business or something to make me feel special… my ‘Publicist of the Year’ mug that I got from WiPrints here in Trinidad. I bought it so that if ever I forget how damn good I am, I can always look at it and remember that I received that award……and they don’t give those things to just anyone.


So, if you’re looking to find a gift for your business bestie or your damn self, here are some really great gift ideas for entrepreneurs 


1: Books

I cannot stress enough how fundamental reading is to your development. There are some really great books out there. I had done a post a few months ago on the best books I’ve read so far so you should really check it out.


2: Photography

Updated headshots, full body images, lifestyle images (for example, you could show yourself working with a client, speaking to an audience, or working at home or in your office) are a must if you’re going to show up as your best self. Whether you’re getting publicity or creating content for social media you’re going to need to level up. There are quite a few photographers out there who will be more than willing to work with you so you can book now and shoot later.


3: Planners

We’re at that stage where if it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done. Blame it on the fact that we’re always so busy and getting ‘up in age’ ……so remembering isn’t going to work. Two of my clients actually have some great planners  that I highly recommend. If you’re a busy CEO trying to build a business with focus and clarity, be sure to grab your Vision Planner or if you’re a mom trying to juggle home, business and your sanity then the Ultimate Mompreneur Planner is for you.


4: Calendar

You’ll need to know what to do and when to do it. Personally I cannot live without my calendar, that’s why I created a Publicity Calendar with all the dates, special events and occasions you need to know so you can show up. Plus all the information can be used to help plan your blog and social media content for the entire year. 



I have quite a few more ideas such as maybe spa days to help with the stresses of running a business, chocolates for when the only thing that can soothe the soul is to bite into something sweet and alcohol (no explanation needed for that last one). Whatever you do decide to get, make sure it sets you or your business bestie up for success.


Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? 

What are some of the gifts you’d love to receive this year?