It’s Christmas y’all!!

If you know me, you know that I’m not a fan of the season. Maybe it’s because of my Caribbean roots where everything is super last minute. (We didn’t finish cleaning up until this morning sometime between 2am and when I passed out from exhaustion…….West Indians will understand).

What I do love, however, is taking that time to reflect. I mean, the new year is just days away and this is the time I like to sit quietly with a warm cup of mochaccino and think back on all the great things I’ve done. I have to say that overall this year was quite legendary…..from stabilizing my team to making some fabulous strides in my business….here as some of greatest accomplishments I’ve made in 2022.


The CEO’s Publicist was born

I have been helping persons get featured in the press for as long as I could remember but never had I ever considered calling myself a Publicist. It was a weird but freeing revelation to finally accept that I was fantastic at what I do and to finally put on a title that fit. The best part, I stood out, more people started seeing me and wanting to work with me. It was the best decision ever.


Hired the Best Assistant ever

Having the right person on your team is crucial and it can be a task finding the perfect fit for your company. I’ve been through a few great assistants but I think I’ve found my perfect fit. Moses has been so instrumental in the development of my business and I am not quite sure how I ever managed without him. It’s always great when you have an assistant who sees the vision and is fully 100% on board. 


Was awarded Publicist of the Year

Yes this happened!! An international body chose little old me to bestow this prestigious award to. I have to say I was totally shocked but it’s an indication that I’m doing great work and being recognized for it


Hosted my First In-person Networking event

There was a lot of pushing, crying and fighting with my own self but I managed to pull it off. Over 40 women from across the Caribbean came to celebrate with me and each other at the first annual Carli Connect. The process really pushed me out of my comfort zone but with the support of my team I was able to pull off this spectacular feat. 


Booked Hundreds of Local, Regional & International Media for my Clients

One of the best feelings in the world for me is seeing my clients shine in the media. Trust me, it’s a feeling like no other when you see yourself featured and I see it in the face of every single one of my clients. I am so happy to help them connect with their people and build their business globally.


Got Featured in a Book

Not just any book, a UK Best Seller!! Even though the book was technically released in November 2021, I was only able to finally get my hands on a copy in August of this year and I am so thrilled to be featured.

Honestly I was pretty excited thinking I may probably get a mention in one chapter, but nope…..after just skimming through I’m literally all throughout the book sharing advice, giving information and imparting my knowledge how entrepreneurs can build global brands.

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Art of War, just let me know and I’ll hook you up.


I Gave Back

It’s not all about making money, it’s about paying it forward. This year I not only returned to mentor up and coming entrepreneurs at the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs hosted by The US Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago, I also teamed up with Girls of Impact, a non profit organization to mentor young ladies who are looking to do big things in the world.


So what’s happening in 2023? Two words….BIG THINGS!! I’m officially turning 10 next year and I have a whole heap planned for my tribe and yes that includes you!! You’ll have some exciting new ways to work with and learn from me, plus I’ll be launching more ways that you can be recognized for the great work YOU DO!!

I also intend on being a lot more prolific. The word prolific means to be “profusely productive or fruitful.” That is my plan for 2023 to produce abundantly. There’s a program I’d like to produce, a book that has been in my spirit for a long time that I’d like to start writing and, of course, helping more and more Caribbean CEO’s gain international recognition.

Yeah, there’s a lot in store and I’d love for you to be part of it……so stick around and let’s grow together.

Onward and Upward to 2023!!!