I love the new year……new beginnings and all that jazz. It’s the time of the year when I feel like I can reset, refocus and regroup to do things even BIGGER and BETTER!. 


Now I know for some of you this time can feel a little bit daunting. Like what do you do, where do you go….you feel scared, uncertain and fearful. In life and in business, there are few worse feelings than the feeling of being stuck, or uncomfortable, and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Like you know you need to do something huge…..like dye your hair some insane color or start cutting people off because they’re bringing the bad vibes that you just can’t deal with anymore.

……but fear of the outcome so often holds us back. 

What if  I don’t like the new color? What if people laugh at me?

What if, after cutting all these people off, they hate me? What if I don’t find anyone new?


It’s like we know what we need to do but still need permission to take risks and to find comfort in knowing that this major change will work in our favor.


My advice: If it’s in your heart and your spirit, it could never be the wrong decision. 

Not feeling the new hair color, get a new one. Feeling a little lonely after severing ties with bad vibes then get out there and open yourself up…..you’d be amazed at  how many people will gravitate to you.


You see,




Remember that as you move into the new year!


It’s no secret that I’ve been shaking things up in my business. Just look at last week’s post and it literally tells you how I’ve been showing up and helping my clients do the same and how we’re all being rewarded for it….all because we dared to do something different. 

Give yourself permission to shake things up this year and rest comfortably in the knowledge that you’ve made the right decision. It’s about high time you finally trust yourself because no one knows you better than you.

So, if  you’re at a point where things feel stagnant, I encourage you to get going and don’t be afraid to try something new. Get some fresh energy. Pick up some momentum.

Consider this the permission you need to shake up your own life.

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