Honestly, when you set your mind to it, it’s incredible how much transformation can happen in a short amount of time.

For the last two years I’ve run my Planning Party for my community and, although it was just virtual at the time (due to the pandemic), here are some of the accomplishments attendees have made


  • One person gained the clarity and confidence to triple her prices and courageously joined a few online groups where she reached out to hundreds of potential clients, inviting them to purchase. She was sold out in a month
  • Another person took a brilliant idea that she had been sitting on for months and finally announced it and asked people to enroll. She was able to make over $10k in just a few weeks
  • One was contemplating turning her side hustle into a legit, full time business……..and she did. Now she’s a full fledged CEO motivating other entrepreneurs and bringing in the big bucks  
  • One got clear on who she needed on her team and finally made the decision to a social media manager and a publicist to help her build her global brand
  • One finally wrote and released a book that’s now a best seller
  • One decided that her current email list just was not cutting it and created a generous freebie that was more in line with who she was and re-started from scratch rebuilding her community. Now she’s selling out her offers


……..and these are just a few wins from the virtual sessions; But if I’m being perfectly honest, while I am so proud of these accomplishments, I’ve always felt that that face to face contact was missing. There is just something about coming together and having those belly to belly conversations that truly ensures you stay on the right path. That’s why this year I’m including an in-person brunch to help you Power Up your Networking for 2023 where you can get inspired and make those connections as you build your global brand.


You’ll get tips on how to stay focused and inspired even when things around you seem to try to throw you off track; you’ll get financial advice from an internationally recognized consultant who will help you make your  money work for you; there will even be a fashion consultant and the launch of a one of a kind fashion line to help you dress for success and make those power moves in 2023.


Make next year the year  you finally start recognizing and going after bigger opportunities—instead of playing small. We didn’t leave our corporate monthly paycheck to now live client to client……it’s time for an #upgrade 

So if you’re ready, I’m ready for you.

Join us for this year’s Strategic Power Planning Party happening December 9-11