In the pursuit of money, we entrepreneurs do some really crazy sh*t. 

Seriously…..we dive in, head first into client relationships and business situations that we know will not work well for us for no other reason other than the fact that we’ve got bills to pay, children to see about and a business to keep afloat.

Honey, don’t think you’re alone……WE ALL DO IT!! 


I remember working with a client and honestly, I think I wanted them to succeed more than they wanted it for themselves. I ran myself ragged trying my best but they just continued moving at a snail’s pace and when it was all said and done, all that work I did was for nothing. There were even times I started work for clients without being paid first and then having to literally beg for what was owed to me. Another time I was berated by a client who said I didn’t deliver on what I promised but when it was all said and done the ONE THING I asked them to do to ensure the campaign was a success they refused to do it.  You name it, I’ve experienced it.

We are always looking for money, but money from the wrong place you’ll never see to enjoy. Bad money is usually spent on an unexpected emergency……..someone falls ill or your car starts making a funny noise. I always used to joke and say that extra money will go to a therapist to help you overcome the trauma left by these ‘red flag’ clients. 


Bad money isn’t worth it!!!


You see, the one thing these gurus don’t tell you when you’re trying to find that ideal client, is that you’re going to run into some crappy people and get yourself in some crappy situations along the way……….BUT YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE LESSON

  • What are you going to do differently next time?
  • What are you NOT going to do again?
  • Who are you NOT going to work with again?
  • What steps are you GOING TO TAKE that will move you IN TOTALLY DIFFERENT DIRECTION?


But what if I said that you don’t have to get burned to learn? What if you didn’t have to waste money, get stressed out and work with energy drainers? Wouldn’t that be ideal?

Getting burned to learn should not be a necessary part of business growth……sometimes learning from the mistakes of others can help you avoid the financial and emotional pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

Another thing that can help you succeed is to have a plan of action. If you don’t, it’s infinitely easier for these crazy people to monopolize your time. You’ve got to know way ahead of time what your offer is, when you’re going to launch it and what you need to put in place…….because if you don’t you’ll constantly be playing catch up. It’s very easy to get caught up working on your client’s business, then before you know it you’re trying to figure out your own mess at the last minute. 


Having money is always great  but you’re going to need to get that ‘good money’ energy if you want your business to truly succeed. That’s why I’d love for you to attend this year’s Strategic Power Planning Party We’ll be going over my four step framework that has helped my clients bring in the big bucks plus I’ll give you a step by step plan how to truly market your brand using the the best tactics specific for you.  We’ll even work through what media/publicity is best for you and integrate it into your overall plan. No more guessing, wishing and hoping, we’re getting clear on what we need to do, when we need to do it and how it’s going to get done! Join the waitlist here.