I’ve been daydreaming a lot!

Thinking about how I’d love to be a pioneer of sorts for my Caribbean people by showing them what’s possible for them on a global stage. As a matter of fact, not only have I been thinking about it, I’ve been running myself ragged getting into action making those connections and putting myself out there. #TeamNoSleep

I remember calling my business bestie to tell her my plans while she told me hers, then she made a statement………she said “One day I’ll be as big as you”.……..I paused….”I’m Big?????”

“Ok, she says, “so let’s see…….

  • You’ve been featured literally everywhere and you’ve helped your clients get featured as well 
  • You’re on quite a few global lists
  • You give back by teaching and mentoring others on how to show up using publicity
  • You’re in a UK Bestseller
  • You’ve literally been named Female Publicist of the Year 2022 

Carla….you’ve transformed the lives of the people you work with. Everyone knows you, and are literally ready and willing to work with you.”


Well isn’t that something?

Sometimes we’re so focused on the future goals we really forget the strides we’ve made. We forget that we’re unforgettable……that people are looking to us, to work with us,  to be us! When I first started I was so scared to show up or speak up for fear of ‘rocking the boat’ but I realized quickly that in order to be a successful and influential Caribbean woman of color I had to stand out from the crowd.


How many people are doing exactly what you’re doing? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? How can you stay unforgettable when there is so much competition?

Make it a practice to be unforgettable. Use the media to

  • Say the things that everybody else is too afraid to say
  • Share your personal stories and vulnerabilities even if it scares you
  • Speak from the heart and let what you’re passionate about shine through
  • Talk about the mistakes you’ve made and the lessons learned

I tell my clients all the time, we’re not trying to be perfect here, we’re trying to be REAL!!


There is so much noise in the marketplace. The media is what you need to use to stand out and get attention. When we play it small, we look and act like everybody else. It’s only when we play it big we get big results.  

So, you want to be memorable and make money ? Then use the media!



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