I feel like I’ve been talking forever about why showing up matters to you and your brand. I mean just recently I was interviewed on Mornin’ Barbados talking about my recent win as Publicist of the Year and how we women can show up unapologetically to build brands that get seen, heard and paid. You can watch the interview here

Here’s the thing……..if you’re feeling like nothing is happening or not happening as fast as it should, then the best thing to do is show up. Having a publicist will guarantee you connect with the right people who are more than willing to open their wallets to whatever you serve. 

This is no joke. I recently helped a client of mine who was struggling with her event to show up to tens of thousands of new persons. Within three weeks, her event was sold out. Another client who considered herself a shy introvert landed the cover of a national magazine and now she’s being asked to guest speak everywhere. 


You see, media works:


Even if you think you’re not ready

Because the media doesn’t pick the most elite experts to feature, they pick the ones that are relevant and that can help their audience learn and grow. I will say, however that being featured puts you in that elite club making you much more desirable to your potential client;


Even if you’re an introvert

Because if you want to shy away from that spotlight, there are so many ways to get featured  without having to be on camera where you can still show up and make an impact; 


Even if you don’t have a large social media following or email list 

Because you’re now going to expand your community by using your newfound fame to build relationships and encourage others to follow you or opt in to what you offer. Not to mention, you’ll impress your existing audience with all this media attention;



Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘can I even afford a publicist?’ But seriously, can you afford not to? Listen,  you’re working your a$$ off, barely finding time in the day to sleep, the last thing you want to try is to DIY your publicity. It takes a hell of a lot of time to find those resources, send out pitches, follow up, etc. Trust me, you don’t have that kinda time. The one thing I know is that you have a better chance of getting paid faster with a publicist on your team because we make sure you’re consistently out there. 


So I have created new packages of publicity services meant to provide all of what young businesses need at a monthly price that works for them. These packages include some major holding as I not only source the best media for you but I also tell you what to do and say to ensure that you get the most out of your interview. Plus I tell you how to turn that feature into major dollars. 

Turn things around in weeks instead of months. Reach out here to chat about my tailored packages today




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