Recently, I sat down with Moses Babb for a conversation on overcoming self doubt. Why is that important in business? Because in order to fully express ourselves we need to show up as unapologetically as we can. 


It was a tough road for me. 

If you know my story, you’d know how much I was told I wouldn’t make it and how I had to fight my own negative thoughts in order to be where I am today.


Moses is, hands down, one of the most inspirational people I know. He’s a Caribbean born expert spiritual advisor, and I’m proud to call him my personal assistant. 

Moses is the kind of person who refuses to let excuses get in the way. He finds a way to succeed no matter what and THAT is the kind of energy we ALL need right now.


If you’re feeling tired and need something to lift your spirits as we head into a new week, go watch (or listen) to my conversation with Moses.

 I open up and share

  • Some of the limiting beliefs I’ve had to overcome to allow myself to show up fully in spaces
  • The Turning Points I experienced when I realized persons were now looking to me for leadership and inspiration
  • The simple strategies and spiritual practices I use to shake off the fear in order to show up more powerfully
  • Insider secrets to the community I’m building to help my Caribbean people and people of color grow and thrive


So I ask you, what’s keeping you from showing up?

If you feel scared, nervous or fearful and need a helping hand on how you too can show up more powerfully then click here to ask me anything. Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous. 

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