I get tons of emails and messages from people all over the world wanting to find out more about publicity and how they can make the media work for them; particularly from Caribbean based CEOs who’d love to know how go global. So much so that if I answered all of these questions individually, I’d probably never stop……… but I do really want to make sure that all those questions get answered so you don’t wind up wasting precious time, energy and most of all money. 


Now, I think I’ve found a solution: Introducing Carli TV


I’m going to provide quick media tips for you savvy CEOs out there.

The way it works is pretty simple. You ask me specific questions and I answer them via Carli TV. Of course, I will never reveal your identity or the identity of your business (unless, of course, you want me to). New episodes will be uploaded regularly and you can get publicity tips relevant to your specific brand along with a dose of ‘Carli’ humor.


So get your quick dose of PR advice and start making smart, strategic decisions for your company. If you’ve got your first question ready, go here to submit your question now.


And feel free to head over right now to soak up previously uploaded content that will motivate, inspire and help you make the right decisions to grow your business.

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