I see you!!

You’re ready to show up and show off your best self to the waiting world and I salute you for it. 


I know it can’t be easy but I also know you’re ready to see what all the media buzz is about. Lucky for you I’m right here guiding you every step of the way. Now, here’s the thing, there are sooooo many ways you can get featured so don’t think that you have to go full on right away (unless you think you’re ready for it, then in that case #gobrave)


The rule of thumb is; anywhere you show up to a community that is not your own counts as publicity, from going live on someone else’s IG, FB or Clubhouse platform to a world wide television interview, to a major speaking engagement……it’s all press and there are ways to maximize all of them.


So let’s say you’re being interviewed over the phone for a piece to go live in the newspaper or magazine, here’s how you can ace it:

  •  – Ask for feedback from journalists to see that they understand
  •  – Double check where and when the info is being used
  •  – Explain jargon and spell out tricky names/words
  •  – Agree on the time beforehand
  •  – If possible, ask to see a draft before it goes live


If you’re booked for a radio or a ‘camera off’ podcast interview:

  •  – Try to avoid saying things like ‘ummm, ahhh, kinda, you know’
  •  – Stick to your key messages- radio tends to be less in depth than print
  •  – Use some intonation here- without body language you will need to express yourself with just your voice.
  •  – Avoid speaking in monotone, it will send the listener to sleep.


Ready for a television interview? This can help:

  •  – Try not to look at yourself in the monitor (might be hard but try)
  •  – Look at the reporter, not the camera, unless the tell you otherwise
  •  – Find out what colors are appropriate/not appropriate
  •  – Use a chair with no wheels/ that does not swivel
  •  – Pause after long answers
  •  – Don’t do weird things with your arms – this is hard for us West Indians but try


In every case above, 

  •  – Find a quiet place to have the conversation
  •  – If you’re using headphones avoid large, dangling earrings (learned this one the hard way)


So, let’s get out there and ace those interviews!! Good luck 

Oh and if you’re looking for someone who will not only help you book the right interviews but will coach you on what to say so you can get the best out of each one then by all means give me a shout. I’d love to be your publicist. Click here for all the details.