Did you hear???
Today is World Hello Day!!!!


What a wonderfully awesome day to just show up!!
Saying ‘hello’ can really be the start of something great….you never know who you might meet. Maybe a client who’s ready to throw wads of cash at you because although they’ve never met you before, you happen to have exactly what they’re looking for; or a business partner that you can collaborate and take over the world with so you can spend the rest of your days sipping margaritas by the pool while your pool boy caters to your every whim and fancy…Hey! it’s all possible! and it all starts with a simple greeting.

Too many of us are afraid to take that step and it’s understandable….you really don’t know what the response would be but, on the other hand never reaching out means that you‘ll never know; you owe it to yourself to show up and showcase yourself to the waiting world.


So even though to celebrate this day you’d simply have to greet ten people, as an entrepreneur I’m going to encourage you to say ‘hello’ to many MANY more people through the use of the media…..after all the press is more than happy to feature you.

Hiding isn’t on the agenda, today of all days we’re throwing caution to the wind and daring to be seen and heard. So, if you struggle a bit with making the first move, here’s a few tricks to help you show up more confidently:


The more clear you are, the more confident you’ll be!
It’s that simple.
What do you want you ,or your brand to be known for?
When you show up how do you want others to feel?
Take time to visualize how you’d like the conversation to go. It may take some pre-planning but no worries, you’ve got this!!


I don’t know about you but every time I tick a major thing off my ‘to do’ list I instantly feel incredible. It’s like FIIINAALLLYYY!!! IT’S DONE!!!!!!….and the more I do it the better I feel. The thing is, long term confidence comes from consistently sticking to the commitments you make with yourself!
What do you want to achieve? Go out and do it (or ask for help if you need to).
Break each commitment down into baby steps and have at it!! One small step in the right direction can make a world of difference.


It’s all about making that deeper connection with your audience. Think about the acronym H.O.P.E: Help One Person Everyday…..If you can just motivate just ONE person with your story of resilience, showing them that they too can overcome anything or educate just ONE person with what you know, helping them make better and more informed decisions or inspire just ONE person just by consistently showing up and being you, giving others the inspiration to do the same….then it would be all worth it.


Listen, you can accomplish as much as you think you can……but you have to take action.
What do you have to do to make showing up easier?
Maybe prepare your space the night before so you won’t have anything to worry about, or do a practice run with a trusted friend to make sure you don’t muddle up your words. I know people who have to do push-ups right before they go live, others have to meditate before they start anything. Me? I am all about playing soca music at full blast! It relaxes and puts me in the right frame of mind.
What do you need to do to become your alter ego? Get creative and⁣ #justdoit


Take that time to celebrate your wins!! Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself when you do great. Most times we’re so busy that we forget or we feel bad to share our wins out of fear we may come across a bit selfish but you know what…….whatever!!!
Celebrate your achievements both big and small.
Share it with your community.
Gain more confidence!!



Happy World Hello Day!!!
Here’s to a million more hello’s as you show up confidently to the world!!