Entrepreneurship is hard work.

We knew heading in that we’d be taking on a lot, but now that we’re in it, sometimes I personally feel like I want to run for the exit.


We had all these visions and goals in mind and dreamt of the life we’d have for our children. My future has a pool boy named Raul who caters to my every whim and fancy. The reality of things is that we’re glued to our computers for hours, barely finding time to spend with our loved ones, let alone sleep. Worse yet, we’re not seeing the returns of our hard work, it’s almost like we’re doing it all for nothing.


It sucks!!

We start questioning our very existence…why bother doing anything at all? You lose all zeal to continue but you know you have to, it’s almost like you have to prove to yourself that you can actually do it.


The good news is, you can!!

The reason you feel the way you do is because there are a few missing elements that need adjusting in your business that you’ve been ignoring. You see, YOU ARE on the right track but you’ve got to ‘woman up’ and understand the things you’ve been doing have taken you as far as you could go, you need do something different like:


1: Raise your prices. Stop being worried that people won’t be able to afford you and stop feeling like it’s your life’s work to help everyone. The people who need you and appreciate you will buy from you. I know it’s easier said than done, trust me but if you feel like you’re doing too much and not seeing the returns consider doubling or even tripling your prices. I’ve read that women are notorious for undercharging and as such we bring the stress onto ourselves, but trust and believe there are persons who are more than willing to buy but they have to know you exist first which brings me to my next point.


2: Incorporate different elements of showing up into your marketing strategy. You’re in a love/hate relationship with social media in that you love it but it doesn’t love you back. Stop pretending and actually start being social on social media. Look into doing more videos so people can meet you virtually, engage in groups and network. Talk about the things you’re passionate about and share stories about yourself. You’d be amazed at how much your engagement will go up. Look into including publicity for credibility, visibility and ultimately sales. It’s easy and it’s free. 


3: For the love of God, ask for help. Who told you that you had to be a ‘one woman show’? Get someone to help you in every aspect of your life to ease you up. Outsource the tasks you hate doing so you can focus on the money making things that you’re actually good at. 


4: Trust yourself. You know exactly what to do because when it comes to your clients you can rattle off in detail what they should be doing. Be that for your business; Be that for you! You know this hun, trust your gut and stop second guessing yourself.



In entrepreneurship the hustle is real but the struggle doesn’t have to be. We’ve all been there: tired, frustrated, angry and near tears. It’s normal but, what isn’t is to stay there and let it get the best of you. I know you feel like everything is riding on you and you literally have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your children look up to you; your family expects so much, but give yourself a break. I know you can do it because you are still here doing the damn thing and I’m proud of you.


If you need a bit of help, I am happy to extend an invitation to my 2022 Planning Party. It’s a one day, fully focused, strategic planning that’s specific to you for your 2022 marketing strategy inclusive of content, publicity and digital elements.


It’s not about giving you advice that ‘might work’ it’s about giving you strategic recommendations and the tools to ensure that you do what you need to do to get what you want.


No more feeling like you’re in a fog; No more clouds…….just clear skies from here on out.

Forward and Focused, that’s how we’re moving into the new year.

The 2022 Planning Party is by application only. I’m keeping the numbers very small to ensure that every single person gets the attention they need. #ValueOverVolume


Apply here: 2022 Planning Party