I’ve been hearing a lot of cries from entrepreneurs……they’re totally fed up doing things for free.

The ‘free-ness’ is getting them frustrated and I can totally relate. When you do things for free it takes a toll because you’re not getting anything in return then it feels like you’re doing all that work for nothing.


In business, I want to tell you that there is a fundamental difference between having an engaged tribe of followers who will gladly pay you for your stuff and an entitled audience who just wait to see when you drop your next freebie.

You see, we’ve been told so many times to give people a taste of what we offer to entice them but no one told us what to do after that. I mean, that was literally the beginning and end of the conversation. Denzel Washington once said “If they see you free all week, they’re not going to pay to see you on the weekends” and he’s 100% correct.


So here’s my take; just giving away your free stuff makes absolutely no sense; whether it’s speaking at an event, posting on social media, hosting a webinar or even getting free press……..what makes much more sense (and is much more profitable) is to


1. Have a Strategy​
What’s your plan of action? Why are you doing this? What is the end goal? Where are you leading people to and what do you want them to do when they get there? You’ve got to stay ten steps ahead of your audience as you take them on a journey. You’re in control and steering the ship, so you have to know the ultimate destination. This will help you to avoid ‘burnout’​​ and help understand why investing in you is a must.


2. Have Intentional Tradeoffs​
It’s all good to give of your time/money/energy for free but the trade off must be worth it​​. If you’re speaking at an event, is the audience made up of your ideal audience? Will you be allowed to talk about your offerings? Will they be doing the promotion? In addition to speaking, are there any other opportunities that you can get involved in such as signage at the event or speaking with the press? It’s gotta be worth it hun, otherwise it’ll have to be a ‘no thank you’.


3. Think outside the box
Sometimes things may not necessarily line up the way you’d like it to but you have to be flexible and think out of the box. Did you speak at an event but they didn’t promote it the way they said they would? Then use that speaking gig to boost your authority in the industry. Did some work but didn’t get paid for it? Use it as a case study to show other clients what you’re capable of. Want to do or donate something to a home but unfortunately they don’t need any services that your business offers? Well, do you have another talent that may be related but not necessarily part of your business? Then go for it. For example, maybe you’re not necessarily a baker but you can whip up a delicious cake, then feel free to donate.


Listen, I’ll be honest with you, there are just some people who won’t ever graduate from Freebie University but there are ways you can ensure that you don’t get caught up in the chaos. Giving away everything without a plan is really like filling a bottomless well.


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