Hey you….busy mom grinding and making the impossible seem possible.

I see you and I know you’re doing it, every single day and making it look easy.


No one knows the endless thoughts going through your mind.

No one sees the tears that roll down your face.

No one understands the guilt welling up inside when you feel like you have to choose business over your babies.


I understand.

I totally get it. 

You’re trying to juggle it all and with so many balls in the air you absolutely cannot afford to drop one…….but take a second here and hear me out hun.


That ball juggling……That’s your problem right there. 

You’re trying to get balance but as an entrepreneur there’s no such thing. There is actually a book entitled ‘Balance is Bullshit’ and I’m inclined to agree with that. It’s all about alignment hun because you’re just one person trying to do everything; and the pandemic has not made things any easier.


There are times when you just want to be left alone but you can’t. You have to run a household, and keep clients happy and keep your children happy and whatever else is thrown on your plate. It’s crazy to have to split yourself in all these directions at once. There doesn’t ever seem to be enough hours in the day and that means some things don’t get done, and more often than not, that thing is self care.


Now I can sit here and talk to you about taking time for yourself and all of that but the reality of it is………you feel like you have to choose and you don’t want to make the wrong choice; but understand it’s not you versus your family it’s all of you, together.


I know you feel like you’re sacrificing a lot for your business and, with the economy slowing down a bit, nothing really seems to be happening. You’re questioning yourself a lot and worried that: 


  • Things may not work out the way you hoped
  • All of this sacrifice was really for nothing
  • What if all of this costs me my relationship with my kids? What if they hate me? Resent me? Think that I was never there for them? What if they think I was a failure as a mom?


Sigh…..I feel the same way too sometimes; Mom guilt is real!!


But here’s what has worked for me (and has helped keep those feelings at bay). Whenever I make my ‘to do’ list, I don’t separate my personal life from my business. I know there is only one me and I can’t separate myself so why should I try. So my advice to you, take this integrated approach, if you have a client meeting today, be sure to  include having to take your son to online school or help your daughter with her homework.


And hun, whenever you feel overwhelmed then please, reach out for help. We moms have to stick together, luckily we’re on the same boat. 

Please don’t allow yourself to feel alone.


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Irony alert: I should add that someone actually called me ‘the busiest mom in the world’ in an attempt to hurt me. It may seem like an inspirational comment but the person who said it to me didn’t mean it that way so this piece was inspired by their attempt to be snide.