I know, I know…..we’re approaching the end of the year and you’re all ready to make some promises to yourself that you’ll promptly break by the time the clock strikes midnight.


We’ve been down this road before, in fact… too many times . 

Let’s be real for one minute……you are not going to start exercising or read that book or make that money in 2022 UNLESS you absolutely commit. 


Saying ‘I want to’ leaves you some wiggle room so you may want to ‘but you can’t find the time’; but you have so many things on your plate’ or ‘but things need to be different before I begin’. You see once you start with what you want to do, your ‘but’ gets in the way. Tragic but true. So if you truly want a new you in 2022, you’ve got to make some commitments. Once you decide to commit to something, you set a different tone.


Committing to releasing that weight?

You all of a sudden make these plans in your head as to when you can carve out the best time, you might even start looking for some really great routines and start dusting off your sneakers. 


Committing to making $10k a month in your business, 

Your mind will start finding ways you can make it a possibility. Maybe revamping an old idea or coming up with a new product or service?


Wanting is frivolous’; Commitment is where it’s at!!


Honestly, the best gift you can give yourself this season (and as you move powerfully into the new year) is to commit. Here are just some ideas to get you started:

 – Commit to getting rid of all your negative beliefs

 – Commit to not being consumed by negative emotions

 – Commit to getting rid of all self doubt

 – Commit to getting over your fears

 – Commit to putting yourself out there

 – Commit to taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually

 – Commit to understanding that you cannot do it alone and it’s ok to ask for help

 – Commit to stop self sabotaging behavior and negative habits


So I ask you….what are you committing to?

Happy Holidays and all the Best for the New Year!!!!