I’ve been talking a lot lately about getting publicity for your business……after all I am The CEO’s Publicist. I’m for the entrepreneurs who aren’t just ‘talking the talk’ but ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to leading their business and their clients to greatness.


Yeah, you may be a solopreneur, founder or whatever you decide to call yourself, but most of all you are the CEO, the Big Kahuna and it’s about high time you embrace it. Thinking that you’re anything but keeps you wading in the kiddy pool of business but I want you to put your best swimsuit on, head to the diving board and take a running leap into the deep end. CANNONBALL!!!!!!


Now you know what I’m going to say: To make that huge splash you’re going to need some media on your side. You need publicity to show your people that you aren’t playing games, you’re here and you have exactly what they’ve been wanting so they need to shut up and listen. Coincidently that’s the name of the podcast I did with my good friend Jamila Bannister because we found a lot of problems in the world could be solved if people would just Shut up & Listen. Feel free to take in some episodes here.


But I digress.

There are a few reasons well you should embrace publicity in to your business:


 – You’re not reaching the right people. If you find yourself constantly having to beg people to buy then you are clearly not showing up to the right people. Using the media can help solve that right quick.


 – You need to get in front of more people. If the money isn’t rolling in like you know it should then you need to find a way to show up to a bigger audience. Social media ain’t gonna help because you’ll keep showing up to the same people over and over who already aren’t buying. Press will put you in front of a whole new set of eyes, ears and wallets.


 – You’ve got a great product that no one knows about. It goes without saying that what you offer is incredible but if only your mama sees it then what good is it. We gotta put it out there so people can see what you offer and pay your for it


 – Your current community needs a wakeup call. Yeah they’re probably sleeping on themselves so you need to wake them up with a great feature in a magazine or a television interview so they can see you in a different light. As their eyes glaze over with pride they’ll no doubt be shouting from the rooftops that they know you because, after all, they would want to be associated with someone they consider a  star.


 – You’ve outgrown your network. Those referrals aren’t coming like they used to so it’s time to be proactive about it and find a whole new network. Getting featured not only ensures people see you, but it also means they’ll tell others how great you are.


 –  You’ve got a story to tell. You want to help and inspire the masses with your message then the best way to do that is through the media. 


 – Your business has plateaued. Things are going ok but you know it could be better. You’re doing the work, clients are raving but you definitely need to see some more zeros in your bank account, showing up in the media can do that.



So hun, if any of these sound like you, it’s time to make an executive decision as the CEO of your business and give me a shout. You’re the boss and it’s time to start making those boss moves that can finally put you on the path to making the income you deserve. 


No matter where you are right now in your business, I’ve got something that can help you show up and show the world how incredibly fabulous you really are!!  #letsgo