Can I just say how much I love the fact that Black History Month smoothly transitions to Women’s History Month? Literally by design, we women are still at the forefront of it all and I have to celebrate my Caribbean women who are killing it on the entrepreneurial scene. 


What many people don’t seem to truly get is how much more difficult it is for us West Indian women to break the mould and carve out our own path. Women of color have notoriously been shamed and bullied into place but throw in the ideals that we hold in this part of the world and it’s infinitely harder to make the strides that demand global attention…..but these women have and I am so proud to celebrate them


Jamila Bannister 

Personal Branding Strategist – Trinidad & Tobago

The West Indian Woman who shows me what’s possible.

From Brand Strategist to author to podcast host and more….Jamila is a force to be reckoned with. She has been unapologetic about making a name for herself in business. She has created globally recognized summits designed to help her Caribbean people thrive and  has even produced and designed the internationally recognized Personality Magazine where she showcases the talent of other entrepreneurs who are making strides and doing big things in the world. Many have tried to emulate her success but no one has even come close; Jamila is making sure that everyone knows who she is and, as her close friend and publicist, I’m so happy she takes me along for the ride. 


Keiva Reyes

Email Marketing Specialist – Trinidad & Tobago

The West Indian Woman who keeps me grounded.

I have literally said over and over again “God bless the day I met Keiva” because she has truly changed my life and business for the better. She’s an excellent business partner as she single handedly keeps my offline community engaged by managing my email list, offering advice and creating money making strategies but, in addition all of that she is also a great listener. As a Mompreneur, she totally understands the day to day stresses of keeping a business going while keeping your sanity intact and sometimes, all we need to keep us going is someone who understands what we’re going through to just listen. My entrepreneurial journey is a hell of a lot better with her by my side.


Kenty Lichtenberg

Blogger/Strategic Marketer – St Maarten

The West Indian Woman who constantly inspires me.

I thought I was busy until I met Kenty. I have been admiring her for a long time and she is literally everywhere winning global awards, promoting international brands and really pushing herself forward. I cannot scroll through social media without seeing her doing something fantastic and making a name for her and for other Caribbean women. She is truly a hustler by nature and she shows you everyday how hustle and hard work pays off.


Paulina Lopez

Business Coach – Dominica 

The West Indian Woman I’d love to emulate. 

Paulina has achieved what many Caribbean entrepreneurs have only dreamed of. She has built a global community of supportive, loyal fans but remains sooooo down to earth. With her masterclasses and exclusive events, she makes sure that ‘no woman gets left behind’ on their entrepreneurial journey. I am in awe of how much she has been able to achieve in such a short time and I am honored to be part of her network.


Jacqueline Walker Johnson

Publisher/Editor – Jamaica 

The West Indian Woman I look to for guidance.

Truth be told the first time I wanted to reach out to Jacqueline I was so nervous. She seemed to have it all together. An editor of The BeyondWoman, a globally recognized magazine, producer of a world class podcast……..AND a wardrobe to die for? Who wouldn’t be intimated but honestly I’m glad I did. Working with Jacqueline has showed me that you don’t need to do much to be a powerful woman, you just have to do the right things consistently. Her mission is to keep women and women’s issues at the forefront and ensure that we ladies get the tools and support we need to thrive in the world. She does what she does with such poise, grace and elegance that it’s impossible not to be inspired. 


Dana Hayes -Burke 

Leadership Coach – Trinidad & Tobago

The West Indian Woman who keeps me focused 

I recently connected with Dana and I have to say I am so happy I did. She has been so instrumental in helping me truly step into my leadership roll and has helped me focus on the things that matter.  Like me, she wants to show how we West Indian women can achieve greatness and to be a beacon of hope for the younger generation. She constantly says that when she was growing up there as not anyone like her on magazine covers or showing up in the media but she wants to be that for someone so that more persons can dare to dream and be inspired by her achievements. As her publicist I am on a mission to help her make this dream a reality.



There are soooo many more women out there that I am so grateful for every day. Women who are blazing the trail and carving out paths. I can literally go on and on but instead I’ll stop here and ask you to share the West Indian women who’ve inspired you. The ones who are in awe of and who you have been lucky enough to connect with. Let me know in the comments and be sure to tag them on social media.


Happy Women’s History Month!!