Allow me to introduce you to Dana Hayes-Burke aka The Vision Builder?

Dana approached me because, like most of my clients, she wanted more!

She was still making money and booking clients but she knew she needed something that could help her truly stand out and be known as THE person who could help others achieve their dreams.


She knew she needed press, but she also knew that there was no way she could even think about trying to get booked when she had her business and her family to take care of……so she called the best of the best aka me!


Here’s how I was able to help Dana hit all her goals




Hopping on a zoom call with Dana (because zoom is life) we talked extensively about her audience and what she hoped to achieve with publicity. Her ideal target were CEOs like herself who are in need of a road map to help them make the impact and the income they desire. She is all about ensuring that business owners lead a very financially productive and fulfilling life so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of being a slave to it.

We also talked about major outcomes that she would like to see one of which was booking more international speaking engagements




First thing we did was map out exactly where she needed to be based on the audience she was strategic with those requests….which television station on what program? Which podcast? trying to reach. Yeah she wanted television, podcasts, the works…..but I needed to help her get Which magazine will be best suited?  I looked at her audience through a magnifying glass and matched her perfectly with the press she needed.


Next, we got clear on her message because we wanted her audience to feel like she was speaking directly to them. It didn’t matter where she was featured, what she wanted to communicate didn’t change, she wanted her people to know that she can help transform their lives in the quickest way possible.


Lastly, I coached Dana on how to respond to questions, so that who she was and how she helped people shone through. I didn’t want her to make the common mistake of talking more about her business and less about how she was of service. I wanted her to get the best out of her media.




The results were stellar (if I do say so myself). Within three weeks Dana was featured in quite a few international press including Valiant CEO and Authority Magazine. The publications chosen put her exactly where she needed to be and got the right people noticing and talking about her. So much so that she was also asked to share her knowledge and expertise on the #1 talk show in Belize.  


I encouraged her to share the live links on social media which resulted in a huge spike in online engagement and with backlinks included in her pieces she was able to drive new potential clients to her website and social media pages. With additional hand holding, I was able to share with Dana major ways she could leverage the press to gain even more recognition and sales. 


Within just a month, Dana had exactly what she wanted, a headlining speaking position at an international retreat designed to help the CEOs she’s longing to help.





Dana is still continuing to shine. I have been sending out additional pitches to get her featured, but the interviews she already has under her belt can be used and reused again and again to influence and inspire her people. Here’s what she had to say about the experience



Are you ready to make that move? It’s simple really……all you’ve got to is click here to schedule a quick chat with yours truly and soon you’ll be hitting those goals, just like Dana.