I have been racking my brain to come up with a topic this week. I have not been operating at 100% so I have been finding it difficult to concentrate. That’s how it is when just one aspect of your life seems a little out of sorts but what can you do but move on and there in lies the new topic…….how does one move on?

I have dealt with the death of a close friend and the death of a relative and even though those have been hard its the symbolic death of a friendship that has me unable to focus. The laughs, cries and the the tree on San Fernando hill (you just had to be there). Yes this Bollywood Butterfly flies no more and for no other reason than she feels as if her wings are not worthy to be shown and the wind beneath them is gone forever. Could you imagine, someone as fabulous as me in this kind of situation? It is almost laughable to some. How does one simply move on? Everyone has their opinions and suggestions, and, to some extent they are all right. Which method is best is the million dollar question. Do the five stages of grief apply cause I have been bouncing between two and four for some time now, and if you don’t know the stages feel free to google it. My best friend in the world says I am just playing the ass and to behave my damn self. Yes, thats my friend and she tells it like it is.

Moving on, in my opinion does not mean forgetting but learning from the experience and applying that knowledge to future situations. This does not mean it will hurt any less but you manage the pain to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Prayer is also very important, not the superficial prayer but a deeper conversation with the Almighty asking Him for guidance and thanking Him for it all. Moving on isn’t easy at all, it is truly something that is easier said than done and everyone’s situation is different. Where emotions are involved its hard to put things into perspective and think logically but focusing on the good helps.

So one day, and one day soon this butterfly is going to fly again, higher than she’s ever been. She is going to see the beauty in herself and she’s not going to be afraid to spread her wings and fly past the San Fernando hills to a place that’s even more beautiful. At the end of the day, life goes on and we shouldn’t waste time wallowing. Change is scary but its necessary. In the end we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and fly again.