A dose of reality is almost always a good thing.
Sometimes it’s necessary to shake things up and see what falls out. It can also be very therapeutic, where we can take a step back, re evaluate, and choose a different direction.
I’ve been having a series of doses lately. They came to me like a series of slaps across my face and I am left with what can only be described as a hole in my heart.
But the saying is true that God never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes to grow and develop, we must distance ourselves from the things we feel we cannot live without. Tragic but true…. and a difficult lesson to learn and even harder to follow through with. It’s a scary thing actually, to convince yourself that you’re ok when you feel like everything is falling apart or to finally see the truth and realize you have been so wrong for so long. You feel stupid, exposed, overused and under appreciated. Those feelings are necessary I guess in the whole developmental process, cause in order to overcome we must go through. We must get to the other side and look back and smile knowing that we made it through what seemed like the darkest hour of our life. You may loose the zeal to go on, to do anything, or even to live but you have to condition you mind to not reside in that negative place. Do not make friends with the demons in your head who are telling you to give up. There is light at the end, you may just not see it yet, but its there.
All in all, we must grow, and in order to grow, we must change. We must get uncomfortable sometimes, as the saying goes “get comfortable being uncomfortable’. It’s a necessary part of life to shed our skin and expose ourselves to the elements to see what we’re made of.
It’s freaking hard, but it will be worth it.