In an effort to not dwell on an already sensitive issue I think its only fitting I dedicate this blog to the notion of acceptance.
It’s hard to accept certain things, trust me I know. My best friend in the world sent me a picture which read ‘its hard to wait for something you know might not happen but its even harder to give up when you know its everything you want’ and I had to agree with that statement, I mean, we all hold on to the hope that one day things will work out the way we want but we forget that the way we want may not be what is right for us. Its easy for me to say all I wanted was a chance but alas it was not to be. Needless to say devastation and heartbreak was the order of the day and my ability to speak was reduced to nothing but tears.
But in the end, God is who has the final say and He decides it all. I agree we get lost, I admit I have been guilty of not being obedient and of being utterly defiant of God’s instructions. I was forewarned on numerous occasions and decided to ignore. We tend to rationalize with ourselves to get away with things we know are not good for us. It’s as if we want to be unhappy by fooling ourselves that we will not be happy until. Its tragic when we look back and see all the things we could have avoided had we listened to that voice in our head that said “walk away and leave it alone”. I honestly think that a lot of heartache and stress can be avoided if we would just listened to God’s instructions. I was explaining that to a friend of mine and she was saying, we cannot change the past, its already done, we did what we did and it has brought us to this point and, as such, we should just be thankful that we still have life so that we can learn from and move forward with better decisions.
We all should endeavor to do this and be thankful that we still have the tools in which to make a better life for ourselves. Our jobs, our relationships even our health and what we make of it, is in our hands. I have been muddling though this life too long and while some aspects are on point others are a bit fragmented but I thank God for my friends and my family to help me through. I am thankful for all of it, good and bad, as the good makes for memories and the bad for lessons. I cannot say totally that right now all hope is gone but I can say that every day I am making a step in the right direction to move forward. I am done with making myself unhappy until, I am making myself happy and trusting God will provide the rest. Its a daily struggle to keep the demons at bay but it has to be done. Life is too short to do otherwise.