I have been trying to be optimistic, really I have
In my opinion, I have done a lot, but I guess that’s all it was…….my opinion
You try and you give it your all and somehow it’s not enough…….it’s never enough.
Somehow you have to accept that nothing you can do, or would ever do will ever be enough for some people. Some people just prefer to use you, keep you in a particular place for their own benefit and when you have ultimately patched up every aspect of their life and there is no need for you, they let you go and make you feel as if it was all in your head.
Maybe it was, maybe it was just my responsibility to be your ladder, your way out of the cesspool you once called home. Based on that, I have already fulfilled my destiny in your life and now that you are all cleaned up physically, mentally and emotionally, its only right to admit that the ladder that got you out is no longer necessary.
And sadly, no matter how badly I feel, I can never wish you bad or hope for your failure, so to you I say good luck and best wishes, I really hope it all works out. Hold on to the lessons I taught you, and be mindful of the selfish streak that rears it’s ugly head every so often, and most of all, I still believe in you and I am sure you are going to make it. Long after my tears have dried you will still be doing great things with your life. You will definitely be ok.

Best wishes to you