We’re still waist deep into Female Founders Month and I have to say I am truly inspired by all the phenomenal women out there (including myself because……why not love on my own accomplishments?)


There’s a saying that Powerful Women Surround Themselves with Powerful Women and honestly, I subscribe to that. Community is crucial when building your brand and nothing lights a fire under you than looking to your left and your right and seeing your bestie in business doing the damn thing. You don’t want to get left behind so you put your head down, shoulder to the wheel and get shit done!!


Some people might think it’s your competitive nature taking over, and maybe they’re right to a point but I think it’s more. I think, that deep down inside that we believe that ‘if my sis can make it, I can too’. It’s more motivation and inspiration than competition in my book.


That’s why I always encourage community building because when we lift each other up, something special takes over and the magic happens. We’re ready to do the work, we’re ready to show up, we’re ready to make that call, send that proposal or sign that deal, because we have our own group of cheerleaders pushing us on and telling us we can do it. 


The entrepreneurial life isn’t meant to go alone hun. It literally takes a village….so get it out of your head that you need to be a one woman show. The ladies you see in this pic aren’t just my clients, they’re my friends, confidants, co-workers, supporters and so much more. These ladies help me show up and keep me going as much as I help them…….having a tribe is THAT important!


So how do you find these communities? Well you’ve got to network (yeah yeah, stop making that face, you know you’ve got to do it). Start attending these events, retreats and masterminds and be open to meeting new and wonderful people. While in-person is always much more meaningful, having an online community can also work wonders for you but in either case you’ve got to be willing to make that connection. So if you feel a bit awkward even starting a conversation or not sure where to begin, here are three questions to ‘unweird’ your networking if you really want to build your business relationships and grow your connections 




  – Question #1: What are you passionate about?  People love to talk about themselves so give the opening and be sure to listen.

  – Question #2: What projects are you working on? Again, shows you’re interested and honestly won’t you be dying to share your great idea with someone? Then give someone the opportunity to share their idea with you.

 – Question #3:What do you need help with right now? You never know, it may be the very thing you can help them with.



With these simple questions, you open the conversation, you set the tone and it can truly help you build a deeper connection (even if you’re not a fan of networking). Best of all, you really never know where these connections can take you….could be a new customer, a new collaborator on a project, or even landing a major speaking gig or being featured in the media. 


So there you have it ladies. So if you want to be even more powerful than you already are then start surrounding yourself with other powerful women out there and see your business and your brand soar. 



P.S: I’m working on something super special for you in the coming weeks, after all it is my birthday and I’d love for you to celebrate with me, but in the meantime,  take advantage of all these great (and free) resources