Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

I’m celebrating all the wonderful women out here annndddd if you’ve got a mom, a grandmom,  a great grandmom, an aunt, a god mother or another powerful woman in your life, be sure to make the time today to show them some love.


If you’re a mom yourself, please…..for the love of God, put down that load of laundry and take time for yourself. Let someone dote on you for a change and treat yourself!!  


If you’re a working mom (and let me clarify – ALL mothers are working mothers)… well, first off lemme say, I feel you deep in my soul so when you’re done reading this, please go take that much needed nap.



Can we take a pause and talk about us mompreneurs for a bit? So many of us are suffering from ‘burn-out’, worse yet, we wear it like it’s some kind of badge of honor…….can we let go of that foolishness?

There is nothing to be celebrated if you’re too tired to even move, let alone think straight. No one wins….not even the ones we get ‘burnt out’ for.


We’re juggling home responsibilities, our children’s schedules and our client’s demands…….we barely have time for a bathroom break and then we forget to eat, and don’t ever sleep because our mind is constantly going……what kinda life is that?


I just read a piece that had the following excerpt  “A recent study showed that working mothers are 28% more likely to experience burnout than fathers. We already know that this is due to the unequal demands placed on working mothers. The study also showed that cases of burnout are higher among Black, Asian and Latina mothers, compared to their White peers.”



Hold up! Stop!

Let’s take a deep breath and pause for a bit. We need to reclaim out time, our energy and still make that money…..so to my fellow working mamas, I got some ideas that might help


  •  – Tap into and expand your support network. It’s great and all trying to be superwoman but honestly, it’s not serving you. Whether help comes from automating some of your tasks, hiring experts to make your life easier or getting some assistance around the house…..do it. Forget if people think you’re getting ‘too big’ or being ‘too much’….you do you


  •  – Schedule yourself into your day……by that I mean, you want to take a self care day?  Then put it into your planner. You need a day to get focused on planning or to look at your finances, then schedule an appointment with yourself. It’s the only way it will get done, and most importantly, be sure to treat that appointment with the same importance you’d give any client.


  •  – Allow yourself to take a vacation. Let’s face it, ‘working more ‘does not equate to ‘working better’. You might not realize this but taking that time off is going to do your business wonders.  Getting away from the day-to-day grind will give you the rest you need to recharge your batteries, clarify your vision, and come back with your mind sharp as ever. You’ll roll back into work with a positive attitude and a spring in your step, coming up with new money making ideas every five minutes.



Want even more? I’ve got you! Check out some additional resources 

Plus I’ve also been interviewed with Word of Mom Radio and Authority Magazine talking about extreme work/life balance



To all you mummies out there, working or not, I see you, I feel you and I appreciate you.

Have a fan-tabulous Mother’s Day today!!