Covid…’s still a thing and it’s going to be a while before it’s completely gone, but in the meantime we’ve got stuff to do and money to make! Now back in 2020 we all were up in arms; lockdowns, uncertainty & fear gripped us in a way like never before. I remember clients cancelling one after the other for various reasons but understandably so……IT. WAS. ABSOLUTE. CHAOS!!



Despite feeling quite depressed myself, I made up my mind to help other entrepreneurs who were definitely in the same boat I was.  I decided to use the media to get featured and interviewed EVERYWHERE!! I showed up to business owners giving them marketing tips and strategies they can use to pivot; I showed up to mompreneurs offering guidance on how to stay productive when you’ve got a toddler in tow and so much more and I have to say that being visible truly worked wonders for me once lockdowns were lifted.



I kept singing the same song to my clients and close friends……we may not be in control of a lot of things but we are in control of who sees us and hears us and, it’s the people who get seen and heard that are going to be remembered’. So said, so done…..Fast forward: business is going great for my clients and I. We’re literally booked solid months in advance…..something I admit even I hadn’t been able to achieve pre-pandemic.



Now I am not sharing this to brag, but really to show you what’s possible. There are still so many entrepreneurs who still refuse to pivot and adjust.  They’re literally still caught up in the ‘pandemic storm’ and hoping things will somehow ‘blow over’ or ‘go away’ before they start making true money moves! If you’re reading this and this sounds like you…….PLEASE STOP!!!


You see, the pandemic is no longer a mystery…..there are ways to move, change and guide your brand to greatness. Listen to me when I say: You’re an entrepreneur, success is in your DNA and just in case you needed a reminder, you are a human being doing superhuman things. 


You are wired for success so

Keep Going;

Keep putting in the work;

Keep putting yourself out there.



With things opening back, this is your time to shine……(with precautions….but still shine)!

Think Pop up shops, Sampling & Demonstrations, Live In person events, Workshops and Masterclasses, Speaking gigs……any way you can show up to a whole new audience because that’s what it’s all about……and while you’re at it be sure to involve the media so you can tell the world about who you are and what you do.


I believe in you, because you’re not just a decision maker, you’re a decision taker. As hard as it might be, you’re not just about making those tough decisions, you’re about taking action and doing what you need to achieve your goals….and for that, I’m proud of you!!



So if you’re still a little bit timid and unsure of your next steps, I’d like you to do two things

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Talk soon!!